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How "The Missing Page" Works Empty How "The Missing Page" Works

Post by Raiden on Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:05 am

"The Missing Page" is by far the most popular social network in the world, long overshadowed the likes of Facebook and Myspace. In no small part, its popularity comes from its accessibility and from the fact that its developers aren't locking any content behind a paywall - when you join, you get everything without a shallow algorithm telling you what you're interested in. Thanks to its integration into multiple platform (practically any electronic device, from a computer through a phone to gaming consoles and even smartwatches, can access MP) and its continued efforts to integrate people with disabilities (with automated subtitle generation for videos and full support for braille screens), MP keeps rising into popularity, with almost everyone that owns an electronic device having an account there, safe for the usual special snowflakes who find it too mainstream and prefer to hang out on MySpace.

The way MP works is that there isn't such a thing as a "friend" system - you can't really "friend" someone there, and there's no such thing as friend requests. Instead, it has been replaced by a "circles" system - every user gets automatically added to several "circles" with their classmates, co-workers and family. Additionally, they can join more circles for, say, comic book fans, gamers and more. Once part of a circle, you get to see the posts that every single member of that circle has made even if you have never even met them. So if Person A studies in the same school as Person B (and as such are in the same circle, the Tachibana Academy), then they'd be able to see each other's posts and comment on them as if they're friends. If users are overwhelmed, they can only view one circle at a time and can "mute" people within that circle, filtering their posts out. In addition, you can also "follow" certain people that aren't part of any of your circles, and you can message them and comment on their posts, but they won't be able to see yours unless they follow you or you end up in the same circle.

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