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The Ultimate Guide to Missing Pages Empty The Ultimate Guide to Missing Pages

Post by TheMootking on Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:37 am

The Ultimate Guide to Missing Pages

Hello! First off, welcome to Missing Pages! As you probably know, we are a roleplay forum set in the fictional "Multiverse", and this guide will show you where to start and get you started on the journey to becoming a Soul! The forum currently has two admins: myself, and Raiden.. If you have any pressing questions, please contact one of us and we will be more than happy to help you.  

So, where should you start?

Familiarising Yourself
Firstly, you need to familiarise yourself with the forum and get to grips with the concepts and setting. In a nutshell, the action of the forum takes place in "The Multiverse" that is populated by "Souls" (you) and their "Facets" (the characters you create and roleplay as). The Multiverse is made up of three distinct sections: World PRIME, World POWER and The Void. You can read more about the setting of the forum here!

Creating a Soul
Rather than every roleplayer having several accounts that each represent a character, you will simply need to create a "Soul". You can do this by clicking the "Create Account" button on the navigation bar at the top of the webpage. Name this whatever you want, your real name, your pet's name or your usual internet handle. Keep it clean, though. We don't want any "420girlLoverxx720xXx" accounts running around, and we will be enforcing this. After you've created a Soul, any Facets tied to that account will have their record kept here. This will be done by an admin after your Facet has been approved. We'll get to that now.

Creating a Facet
In order to start roleplaying, you need to create a Facet. A Facet is your Soul's physical representation in the world of Missing Pages. As mentioned earlier, we have different areas that your character can be used in, but they are tied to that area only. So first, you need to decide if your character should be a part of World PRIME, World POWER or a World within The void (and subsequently which world).
Most people will have a vague idea of who they want to roleplay, so simply head on over to The Facet Profile Template and fill it in, then submit it to the Facet Application. I've created a guide for those that struggle or are stumped on the quality and length of the profile.
However, you may need a bit of a nudge to create a character. So first, take a look at the worlds we have active, and go from there. Is your Facet a male? Female? How old are they? What is their backstory? Make sure they are relevant to the World you intend to roleplay them in. You could go simply for a disabled student on World PRIME attending the Tachibana Academy if you're into "slice-of-life" settings, or create a 8 foot tall ogre who marauds around World FAYWYN, pillaging settlements as he pleases. It's up to you.
Feel free to "recreate" your Facets in other Worlds at a later date, for example your amputee student on World PRIME can manifest itself on World CYBORG as a Cybernetic soldier who's replaced the missing arm with a flamethrower. Keep in mind that they will not share memories and will be in separate continuities.

This step is mostly down to us, the Admins. As mentioned previously, fill out the The Facet Profile Template then submit it to the Facet Application.
It is then down to us to grade and either approve or disapprove your character. This is a fairly rigorous process and you will more than likely have to write another draft of your application at least once. We want to make sure that every Facet meets the same standard and this is a great way of doing it! We will only very rarely deny a Facet permanently, and you will have plenty of chances to create the perfect profile. You will require the approval of an admin in order to continue, and once you have the approval you may begin!

Starting your Roleplay
The best way to introduce your Facet into your chosen world is to create an Open thread. Simply go into your preferred subforum, for example the library, describe what's happening, how your Facet is feeling and anything else you wish to mention; get creative. Before clicking that wonderful "send" button, make sure you give your thread a title and designate it as "open" (or private, if you already know that someone intends to reply) by writing [OPEN] before the title. Then, wait for a reply! You should get an email when somebody replies, but it won't hurt to check back every now and then.

Welcome to the forum!

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