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Sayuri Motozaki:
F1Krazy wrote:World: World PRIME
Name: Sayuri Motozaki
Age: 16
Position: Student
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Sayuri is about 6ft tall, unusually tall for someone of her age and ethnicity - this is due to her abnormal growth spurt. She has a slim build, with her legs being especially slim, almost skeletal. She has inherited her father's Japanese features, and her appearance is unmistakably oriental. She has long black hair that falls almost to her waist, and crimson eyes. Generally, Sayuri wears a long, gothic-style black dress with white trim; this used to extend to her ankles but now only reaches halfway down her shin due to her growth spurt. During the summer months, if she feels like it, she will sometimes instead wear a blue-and-white knee-length dress similar to that worn by Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Her preferred footwear is a comfortable pair of black plimsolls. Due to her damaged legs, she usually gets around in a black motorized wheelchair that her parents bought for her.

Backstory: Sayuri was born in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, to a Japanese father and English-Canadian mother. Due to this mixed parentage, Sayuri is able to speak both English and Japanese fluently, as well as some basic French. Her father works in the banking industry, and had moved to Canada as part of his work commitments. His work has meant that the family has always been moderately wealthy, and had managed to weather the global financial crisis fairly well. Being an only child, and part of a wealthy family, Sayuri had a fairly comfortable childhood. Unlike many only children of rich families, she did not feel particularly lonely, due to the love and attention her parents gave her; while she was not spoiled, she was certainly pampered and sheltered to an extent, never truly learning how to deal with hardships.

Though she performed fairly well academically, Sayuri's main interest had always been martial arts, and she was skilled at both kendo and fencing. She had hoped to one day make a professional career out of them. However, at the age of 14, she suddenly underwent a prodigious growth spurt, growing by around twelve inches in less than a year. This rapid growth was faster than her body could handle and her legs, unable to support her rapidly-growing frame, became crippled. Sayuri suffered from shooting pains in her legs for several months, and by the time the growth spurt had slowed to a stop, she had been left unable to walk more than six steps on her own without collapsing.

Sayuri had struggled to cope with the pain of her growth spurt as it was, and when at the end of it, she found herself confined to a wheelchair and forced to give up kendo and fencing, it was more than she could take. Sayuri refused to come to terms with her situation or accept the fact that she was crippled. She became bitter and angry, lashing out at others, especially those who brought up the subject of her disability. Her parents would often hear loud thumps in the night, and rush into her room only to find her sprawled on the floor, having gotten up out of her wheelchair and tried to walk again. Eventually, and reluctantly, these attempts to walk again ceased, if only so that Sayuri could spare herself the pain and humiliation she  endured when they inevitably failed.

As Sayuri's 16th birthday approached, her parents learned of the Tachibana Academy and decided to send her there, hoping their specialist care would help Sayuri come to terms with her condition. The thought of moving to a "cripple school" and leaving behind everyone she knew infuriated Sayuri, but after her parents took her to visit the school, she ended up being impressed by its services and level of care, as well as the understanding nature of her fellow students, and she agreed to attend. Her family thus moved with her to Toronto, so they could support her at her new school.

Personality: Sayuri's polite upbringing means that, most of the time, she is calm, quiet, and well-mannered, and tries not to speak out of turn. However, she has always had a more aggressive side, and the ordeals brought on by her growth spurt have brought this aspect of her personality on in full force. Sayuri has a harsh temper and can be quick to anger, especially when the subject of her disability is brought up. When she gets especially riled up, Sayuri has an alarming habit of bolting from her wheelchair and standing up, displaying her full imposing height. This startles many people who are not aware of the reasons behind her wheelchair confinement, but can also cause further problems due to the weakness of her leg muscles.

When she does fall out of her wheelchair, her reaction tends to be shame and embarrassment. Sayuri does not like relying on the help of others, and her new-found situation has only strengthened her resolve to be independent. She does not mind her own company and is content to be left to her own devices, but she is not a loner and is always happy to have company. Having been brought up with fairly traditional values, she hopes to one day get married and start a family of her own, though of course this is not a priority for her yet: her current focus is doing well in her exams.

Sayuri adamantly believes that she can build the strength in her legs back up and one day learn to walk again, perhaps even resuming her fencing career. Whether this is actually possible remains to be seen, but she refuses to believe anyone who tells her otherwise. Though she has given up her attempts to simply get up out of her wheelchair and start walking, she is looking at other ways to gradually build up the strength in her legs, and would be grateful for any assistance.

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