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Ada Pearce:

Pearce wrote:World: PRIME

Name: Ada Pearce

Age: 17

Position: Student (11th Grade)

Appearance: 5'11, white skin, dark brown almost black eyes, long loose dark hair and female muscular build, her breasts are normal-sized. Doesn`t like skirts or any females' uniform, so males' is her school wear. Casual clothes are a black undershirt, military boots and urban camouflage military jeans. There`s a tribal tattoo on her right shoulder and always wears driving gloves. On cold days, she simply wears an extra gray sweater over her undershirt and a black scarf, occasionally the scarf covering her face.

Backstory: Originary from Quebec, Ada is the daughter of an incredibly wealthy family and has always been surrounded by commodities, that doesn`t mean she can`t survive alone.
At the age of three, after the first near death experience caused by a simple stomach bacteria, she was diagnosed with a strange ailing named congenital analgesia, which eliminates the body`s reactions to pain, including diseases, cuts and hits. Her small family reacted towards this disease as normal as a fever.
People with this ailing tend to live short lives without cautions. Due to this, her childhood popularity was based on the constant play of rough sports in school (such as American football, her favorite sport and hobby), involvement in fights due to her former aggressive behavior and her immunity to pain, but also the continued visits to the doctor to preempt any disease. As the doctor once said to her "You may not feel pain, but that doesn`t mean you can`t die".
Her family was only formed by her mother, her father and herself. With no uncles or siblings to worry about and dead grandparents, the thought of losing someone was almost foreign, but losing herself was a very nice way to understand death with at least one near experience every year. Her father was a workaholic, so Ada didn't developed a proper relationship with him; commonly he would take her mother and her to his workplace to do the things he was too 'refined' to do, so even though she was grateful he brought the money to the house, she always thought his father was a jerk. Given this, she had no time for other things besides school, accompanying her dad and watching TV or doing homework once they arrived home at night.
Her acquaintances have always thought of her as a weird girl, given her taste of clothes, hobbies and strange personality, but that didn`t preempt them from loving her as a normal child. Her "strange personality" is the hard effort she has to do to express her feelings and strange sarcastic-and sometimes non sexual sadistic- talking, earned after fighting and torturing school style a small group of boys that gossiped about her family.
She spent her entire elementary school and junior high school going to a school where only male students attended, rule that was changed once her father intervened, because the school was next to a hospital in case something happened. There she earned her liking for sports and her other manly traditions, like not using deodorant or perfume, dislike of girly stuff, men’s clothing taste and her attitude that made her hard to get along with since she entered at her 6 years old.
She always got along with the guys and the very few girls of her type that entered, but none to remark as a boyfriend, given that her reaction was always unknown to the guys who had a crush on her. Even though, she was never a person made for having a lot of friends that went over the classification of “schoolmates”. It was hard for her to make, and even harder to keep. But the friend she will always remember is Angela Roberts, her former best friend at 6th grade and also the girl who turned her aggressive behavior into one of protection to the people she cares; they formed a cliché relationship where Ada always messed up and Angela always fixed her problems. They never separated, even after Ada's departure to Toronto, where they still talk from time to time on the phone of online.
The life with her parents was complicated at first, when her interest in sports, working out in the gym and tendency to fights showed up as a result of the many years spent between men, they always tried to take her back to "normality" whenever she wasn`t in school. With time, it was accepted there was nothing they could do to change her, so they supported her as the only child she was.
At the age of fourteen, she witnessed how a man in a motorbike shot one of the wheels of a car with a six year old girl inside, making it crash; when she checked out the car, the driver and the girl were dead. She wasn`t traumatized, but Ada thought "Someone you love could end up fighting for his life at any moment, and I`m going not going to let that happen". This event originated an obsession for vigilance and protection of everyone that surrounded her, be a known person or not. Combined this with her talking, physical form and protective nature, it's better to not harm anyone when you're close to her.
The rest of her childhood and young teen age were marked by the loneliness she ignored with her small obsession, so Ada simply sat on a bench for hours watching the crowded place she is at in case something happens. With constant medical attention because of her ailing, she survived to her late sixteen.
That`s when her father died of natural causes. She wasn`t pained for his death because he was on his old days and saw it coming; plus her opinion on him still remained. But the family`s medic left and her mother was desperate for finding a solution. After many hesitating, her mother sent her to Tachibana Academy in Toronto. Ada still remembers her words before leaving home
"Wishes change nothing, decisions change everything"
It took Ada a bit of time to accept the fact of her moving, but she knows how to take care of herself.
Before the plane, she visited an old school friend, who was a clandestine tattooist who lived in an apartment in floor two of a building to get her characteristic shoulder tattoo. He tried to steal from her luggage while she wasn`t looking; when Ada caught him, they both fought until she knocked him out of the window, he didn`t die, but surely he had to spent at least three months in the hospital; Ada stole a gray sweater and a black scarf, she tied it around to cover her face. When she left the building, there was an ambulance and a police car already in the scene. Ada ran away pretending a panic attack, attracting the police’s attention, resulting in a chase throughout the streets. She managed to lose them in an alleyway and thankfully the police didn`t had her face in the computers since it was covered, so the bus trip went without trouble. She still keeps the clothes she "borrowed" as a reminder of her home.
She currently lives in Toronto in an apartment block near the school (Yamaku Plaza) without trouble, since she was capable of cleaning and cooking without blowing herself up and with the remaining of the huge family`s money sent to her every two weeks to her credit card, her only interest is school, and survival of everyone.

Powers: -

Personality: By nature, Ada hardly shows her feelings with facial expressions or voice changes, no matter who is she talking to. Her vocabulary doesn`t vary on the person she talks to, being a sadistic-sarcastic talking, but without means of aggression. Also, commonly loses herself while doing an activity until she`s done.
Her hobbies are american football and the american league, many have described her as 'the girl that will never fall in love'. She is interested in keeping a good physical shape and developing strength to accomplish her life wish more easily and protect everyone around; given this, Ada spends her free time on the gym, but also in her home chilling. Ada knows how to play the guitar, but she is not enthusiastic about it since it was an ability her father forced her to learn.
Ada`s life wish is on selecting a simple university career and using the remainings of the family`s money to join a university in the US where to join a football team and that way be drafted into the NFL. Her only fear is herself, since she could be dying at any moment without warning.


Ada Pearce:

Pearce wrote:World:POWERS

Name: Ada Pearce (WORLD POWERS)

Hacker Nickname: Night_Owl

Age: 15

Position: Sentinel

Appearance: Well, since most of you guys already know her primal aspects from PRIME, I'm just gonna post what changes here in this World: a black hooded zipped up trenchcoat, black jeans and black boots. She is always seen wearing her hood and a gas mask, wich is in fact an custom intel helmet, besides the gas mask's original functionality. Another change is the hair, it's the same color, but in this world she has it short. And the biggest change is that she no longer has the muscular body nor the great strenght, but a slim body.

Pearce            Images14


Beep Beep Beep
"Ada, wake up dear. You need to be ready to go with mr. Vega"
"Yes, mom"

Today is the day, my parents are going to go somewhere in the middle east because of something they need to do in their job at the city newspaper, a report or something like that, booring. My parents have always been like that, boring yet loving, I hope it never changes. We're not poor, neither rich, just...normal, y'know. I go to school and all that, even though I am the group's loner. That doesn't mean I don't have friends, they are few, but I like it as it is. I began 1st grade this year!

When I am ready, I get down the stairs and go with my parents, catching some of their convesation on the way.
"Don't worry, Cecile, the Crowne Hotel is safe from the war"

"We will return next week, honey. Remember to be polite, obey mr. Vega and use the magic words, are we good?"
"Yes, mommy"

Three days later
Mr. Vega's house is so cool!
There are music and sports posters everywhere; even though his house is kinda small, there is enough space for two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a common room, hey, I haven't seen that door before

It's dark here, Ah! what was that weird noise? I close my eyes to become invisible
Oh, wait, it's just a computer, I see those, other things I don't know and the cellphones when I close my eyes, it's my little secret
He's sitting on a computer with green letters in a black page. The computer looks really nice.
I try to call out to him, and he jumps on his seat

"Emm, mr. Vega"
"Ah! Oh, it's you. How many times do I have to tell you that you can call me Shawn? You make me feel like an old man when I'm thirty"
"Heh, it's alright. Are you hungry?"
"Eh? Oh, yes, there are no cookies left"
"Ok, I'll cook something"

He stands up and heads to the kitchen, leaving me on the room. What does it say on the machine?


Nine days later
Mommy and daddy were supposed to arrive here since five days ago, and we haven't received even a phone call from them. Shawn is trying to call them in the kitchen while I watch TV

"In recent news, the children known as metahumans prove to have all sorts of amazing powers while having a completely normal body. The protests against the scienfific investigations and the possibly unhuman conditions these children are living continue"

Wow, so there are more like me. Maybe Shawn needs to know about this, but he may send me to those ugly places, maybe later.

"Now in the world news, a hotel in Iran named the Crowne Hotel has been bombed by terrorists five days ago, investigations reveal two dead american journalists by the names of David and Cecile Pearce..."



I am crying on the ground. They are gone, forever


Shawn quickly rushes in, turns off the TV and hugs me

"Don't worry, Ada, It's ok, It's ok, It will be."

Six Years Later
I am walking on the mall with Shawn, since my parents' deaths, he became my adoptive father. I've been living like nothing happened, still going to school and so, but definitely I've became more of a loner. Good thing is, since nobody knows you at your best, they respect you because they don't know if you're good for fighting or have powerful friends, so I tend to be alone at school, save for getting along some girls and with a guy best friend, I wouldn't accept if he confesses to me, though.
Ah, the city. I love walking around here, full of activity and people; also ocasionally some interesting stuff happens with all these metahumans thing

"So, what do you want for lunch?"
"Umm, I don't know, sushi?"
"Yeah, sure, find a sushi restaurant around here"

God, how sarcastic, you'll see...
A security camera on the second floor is all I need. I close my eyes and focus, infiltrating the camera and seeing what it can see.

"There's one up in the second floor"
Oh, damn, I showed Shawn my power. It's not the first time, but this is the first time I use it as a REAL power, because the other times could just been slipped as logical thinking or advanced deductions.
He simply looks at me with a curious gaze then nods, advancing to the electric stairs.

When we get to the restaurant, he asks for our orders and takes me to a table in the corner

"What was that Ada?"
"Ugh, where to begin... you heard about all these meta stuff, right?"
"Yes, are you one of them?"
"Emm, yeah, but my power is not so cool as the others..."

I explained him my ability to focus and sense what it seems to be any digital or semi-digital device in a limited distance, the objects that work with any kind of chip are detected as well. Then there's capability I have to infiltrate them but the problem is that I can't change anything. I can't even move a camera, so it's kind of a shitty power compared to the super strength or moving things with your mind.

Shawn seems to think the other way around, though.

"Are you kidding me? That's one hell of a power! Actually, I want to show you some things in my computer room next week. I'm about to open your world"


Next Week
At nine o' clock, Shawn calls me to his room while I'm cooking dinner. I'll bring him a plate of pancakes while I'm at it

"Come here"

I get to his computer to find... something on the screen. So much data at the same time

"Your dinner" I place the pancakes on the side
"Do you know what this is?"
"No idea"
"This is the data flood towards the apartment complex here next to us"
"Get in"
"Get in..."

He is smiling. Well, I guess I can try.
I close my eyes, focus on the computer before me and get in.

Woah, it's not the first time I do it, but it is the first time I see so much data. Wait, where am I going?

Seconds later, I find myself into what it seems to be a laptop's camera on top of a desk. There's a man talking through the phone on the opposite side of the computer.
A message on the top right part of the screen appears
Data succesfully transferred
Connection Established

What is that supposed to mean? Wait, I feel something.
My mind now feels powered, my empty hand is holding something squared, like a phone. And when I want to see the rest of the room, I move my finger across the screen, moving the camera as well.
Wow, this is awesome.I tap the screen again to check what it does, a small bar appearing in the center and desappearing just as fast. When I hold my finger, the bar appears again and starts filling.
When it's full, a red message appears


C'mon, think... the phone!

I hit the button in the bottom part of the phone. Things don't get better, unfurtunately.
I am watching a black painted version of the city in a birdview camera, I'm not falling. It's completely black, with white lines tracing the buildings and roads, and hundreds of white dots moving slowly in an irregular timing and pattern. Also there's these static bigger blue dots, a small white arrow that seems to point where I am, blue colored zones, a single red, blue and gray area thet seems to be a police chase in the city. How do I get out?!
Maybe, I'll try to activate the white arrow. Focusing on that part of the city with my gaze, the view zooms in until that arrow is in the center of the screen. One tap and...

I'm back
Shawn is looking at me with an expectating look, my head feels heavier. It takes me a while until I realize I have some sort of helmet and a mask. I take it off before talking, as well as leaving the phone on the desk

"What the hell was that?"
"Heh, yeah!! It worked! I can't believe it worked!"
"The helmet and the phone and your powers and... this is awesome!"
"Calm down, Shawn. Tell me what was that"
"Well, I developed some programs for that cellphone, I upgraded that helmet to make it an intel visualizer and I made you use them while you were travelling to give you control"
"Wait, I installed some sort of virus on that man's laptop... You wanted me to do that?"
"Yeah, I was saving these gadgets for when I needed you, and I called you, so here we are"
"Why did you needed to do that?"

He stops at this question, thinking for a moment

"Ada, I'm sorry I'm telling you these next things so late, but...
Number one. I'm a hacker
Number two. Your parents died in vain, the government ain't going to do anything because if they do, Iran'll cut the US from their oil trading market
Number three. I'm offering you the knowledge and devices you can use with your meta power to make it unlimited"

I didn't wanted to admit it, but yeah, I already knew his second point. A growing vengeance wish has been with me since their deaths, and now he is offering all the tools I need to track down those killers. I will become a hacktivist, but different to the terrorist defnition, I want to use these powers to do good while denoting the corruption and arrogance of the government. Maybe a green hat hacker in the future as well, but that's when I need money desperately

"I'm in"
"Perfect, your training will begin tomorrow. Oh, and you can keep the cellphone and the helmet, give them a good use"
He takes a bite of the pancakes

"Why do you always forget that I like them with an ice cream ball on the top"
I roll my eyes

"Even though I always cook here you still complain, jerk"

Three Years Later

I'm heading towards another job request I got, even though Shawn helps me behind a computer, I am the one who recieved the call. He asked me to meet him on an apartment's balcony on the second floor of a building next to our target. We only take "harmless" jobs, those that don't involve harming anyone, and if we did by a bad luck guy in the wrong moment, knocking out was our limit. No more. From time to time we played detective and used our skills to track down killers and deliver their position for the police, locate kidnappers' hiding spots, reveal the rich guys' criminal activities and many other things; as always without killing.

My "training" if you want to call it like that finished two years ago, and as a graduation Shawn created a hacker nickname for me: "Night_Owl" and promoted it around the internet, so here I am. After I take out my mask from my bag and put it on with the trenchcoat's hood, I begin to climb to the building from the alleyway

After climbing to the balcony, I notice two guys tied up to some chairs in the lobby and their eyes and mouth covered with ducktape. Just then, Shawn appears next to them with a balaclava. He crosses the sliding door to the balcony so those guys don't hear us

"Who are they?"
"Oh, just some guys who live here"
"What happened?"
"Well, the guards in this building seem pretty tough, but they actually let you cross with the right motive. These guys feel so safe that the only protection in the door is a small chain. I guess they wanted to take a good look at the pizza guy before opening the door"
"Yeah, so you said that this balcony is the best place to install the main computer, right? Our investigation revealed these guys are just some script kiddies"
"Yes, but let me finish.
So, these guys are all peaceful playing the videogames while I conviniently have these metal scissors. So they open the door and guess what...
It's not the pizza guy!"
"Nice story, but would you please connect the cellphone to the main computer so I can get this done?"
"Hm? Oh, yeah, hand it over"

I give him my cellphone and he connects it to the laptop on the balcony's table, whenever you want to hack something from this method, you need to have a central computer running businesses for you. That's why Shawn helped me on my jobs, and I helped him on his.

"Remember that I hired a fake guard to let you come in to the server room. Find the stolen data, send it to my computer, then get back here. The tough part of this job is that you need to get to the top floor, and you'll need to open several doors controlled digitally. That's why...
I've made a special functionality for the Digital World app: my last present for you. It's some kind of mini digital world, it works in your phone when you open it and you don't have your helmet on. It detects all these entrances and small vulnerable points controlled digitally or with a chip included and allows you to open them without shooting alarms, it only works with the devices in a range of 5 feet, so you need to be close to them. Oh, and from here you can also cause a mini-blackout in a 100 feet range around you. Note that for the hacking points more complex than a garage door you forcefully have to connect to your helmet. Are we good?" He hands me back my phone
"Thank you, S. Remember to let these guys go"
"Yeah, I'll tell you if anything's wrong, good to go, A"

With a nod, I jump the rail back to the street. Now let's see, how do I get up that building... oh, a message from Shawn saying that the cleaning staff is entering right now, and they don't need uniforms.


Well, he was right, even the cleaning room required a password, this functionality is very useful in close spaces
When I'm on the top floor, I wander around the corporative building with the mop and the rest of the cleaning stuff to keep my cleaning staff excuse. Then I send Shawn a message about a location of the empty boss's office.

It's at the last door on the right, the guard in there is the guy I hired. The password is "I'm the pizza girl"

Ugh, you're a dumbass

I go to the guard and whisper the password. He steps aside and opens the door; the office is a bit too big, and so is the main computer.
When I get to it, I transfer a password cracker to log in, find the data I need to send and begin the process. It's done in a few minutes.
Now let's get out of here trough the window cleaner's weird machine

A Week Later

While cooking some rice for breakfast, my phone rings, a message from an unknown number

We need to meet. Go to the cafe in the park at three

And who the hell would want to meet a hacker for hire? Maybe it's a trap. Well, whoever it is wrote down his/her name, so I guess it's good.

Checking the cameras, I find nothing dangerous, so maybe it's an admirer or something. I have my bag with my mask and my phone, I always carry them in case something goes wrong.
When I get to the park center, it's five past three, so maybe whoever Hatsuhara is will wave at me or something

"Over here" a woman on an outside table waves at me, as I predicted. I go take a seat opposite of her.
"Yes ma'am? Did you call me?"
"Let's see, how do you want to do this, Ada Pearce? Or better said Night_Owl?"


"How do you know my name? Who are you?"
"I'm Kuriko Hatsuhara, principal of the Tyler Jacobson Academy"
"Ok, now answer the first question"
"Well, someone gave us your track, and we know what you and mr.Vega truly are"
"Don't you dare to hurt him!"
"Oh, we will not, we haven't told anything to the police yet. The reason we have is:
We know you're a meta, and we know what you've been fighting for. So you've got a choice: you either rot in jail or come to the Academy and learn how to master your gifts, your choice"

Ahhhg! Now what? Well, I guess it's fine, it's some kind of school for heroes or something like that.

"Will Shawn be OK? He's actually my adoptive father and mentor"
"Yes, mr.Vega's part in that job of yours will be forgotten if you agree to join the Academy"

I might regret this

"OK, I will serve as whatever I am supposed to be"
"Congratulations, mrs.Pearce, you're now oficially a Sentinel. Coffee?"

Powers: Ada can sense and infiltrate any digital or semi digital device in less than 40 mts (around 130 ft), allowing her a simple yet varying set of abilities from seeing in her mind what security cameras see to infiltrate a bank software and spy the clients' movements, even search things online in her mind wherever there's internet connection. But she can't change anything. Her cellphone, full of pre-made hacking programs, when connected to her intel helmet (also a gas-mask) allow her to hack and move into what she calls "The Digital World", improving her skills. Allowing to manipulate other simple things controlled or made digitally like changing the traffic lights and stopping the trains or doing amazing actions such as causing massive blackouts from the gadget while having a nearby power station software in range, cut the phone and internet signals while visualizing a source of this signal and other things. Other basic actions are opening doors with passwords, garage doors and vulnerable enough car alarms. Basically, she uses the city against or in benefit of the people

Personality: Differently from world PRIME, here she behaves serious the most part of the time. But once a mission or a work is done, she relaxes and starts being friendly to everyone.
Her favourite secret hobby is cooking, she loves making and eating oriental meals because of the continuous consume of the poor people's food: chinese food. Also, she likes it because she used to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever she was in Shawn's house.
She's an agile thinker and such she also likes to exercise her mind with almost any mental game like hacking (no need to mention that but I do anyways).
Ada also posesses a great mind and concentration, and ends up relying heavily in her thinking when in combat situation; analyzing her surroundings to find the best way to win.

Message from me: Yeah, if you haven't noticed yet (which is pretty obvious) Ada Pearce is, in both Prime and Powers, the female version of Aiden Pearce from WATCH_DOGS. C'mon, just think of it. And yes, Raiden told me it's ok to have her like that because *points at Wade Wilson* it's OK if we all have our own likings.

And yes, I now have a pic of ToraDora, any problem? Hehehe Baka!

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