What Are Trophies And What Do They Do?

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What Are Trophies And What Do They Do?

Post by Raiden on Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:30 pm

Now that we got that joke out of the way, let's continue.

What are trophies?
If you've played a game on PlayStation in the last 5 years or so, you might have noticed that they support the so-called "trophies". The same feature exists under the name "Achievements" on Xbox and for certain Steam and mobile games. Basically, trophies are rewards that you get for completing certain objectives that may or may not be mandatory. For example, you could get a trophy for beating a certain level of the game (which everyone that beats it will get), or for killing a set number of enemies (something that you may or may not get depending on your playstyle), or for finishing a certain difficult objective within a short time limit (something that most people won't get, and only the devoted trophy hunters will unlock). By design, trophies are made to help you experience as much of the game as possible. They act as objectives that encourage you to try things you wouldn't have done otherwise. I'm personally very much in love with trophies - while I don't consider myself a "trophy hunter", exactly, I always try to get as many trophies as possible in order to experience as much of the game as I can, within reason.

Okay, so what does that have to do with roleplaying?
Well, back on KS:NewGen (our previous roleplaying forum) we noticed that a lot of people liked to play it safe. A lot of users only had a single character, and they liked to engage in very similar types of scenes while rarely trying to do things that were a little bit crazier. And, in a way, that's totally fine - this is a place to have fun, after all, and a big part of it is the ability to play your own way, however you see fit. If you find it most fun playing just a certain type of scene, then that's great, more power to you! However, we also believe that going out of your comfort zone, if only to dip your toes in other lakes, is a very important part of really maturing as a roleplayer. We thought a lot about how to tackle the issue, and ultimately realized that trophies/achievements had the same purpose in gaming, and considering their popularity, they were rather successful. As such, we decided to include them on "Missing Pages" as well!

So, how do I earn trophies?
Sadly, the process isn't as automatic as it usually is with games - after all, there's no software that can tell us when, for example, you've completed a character arc, and there probably won't be for a very long time. As such, you need to keep track of the list of achievements yourself. When you believe you've completed the requirements for a trophy, you're going to have to let one of the admins know (either me, Mootking or Praeterra) by sending us a PM with proof of your achievement. What this proof is varies from trophy to trophy - most often it'll involve just links to certain threads. If we deem that you're right and you've earned the trophy, we'll mark it as earned on your soul profile and will give you the amount of points you've earned. Keep in mind that the list of trophies will be updated on a regular basis (we'll most likely let everyone know via e-mail whenever we perform any major changes to the forum, including additional trophies), so always be on the lookout!

So, do I earn anything by doing trophies?
Personal satisfaction and bragging rights, mostly. Trophy score, alongside post count, are ways for new members to determine who are the most experienced roleplayers. The higher those stats are, the higher you are in the food chain! We're considering adding actual rewards for people who reach a certain score, such as more titles, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Still, I can guarantee that when it IS decided, the score you've accumulated up until that point will count towards whatever rewards we come up with, so get out there and start collecting trophies, soldier!

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