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Tiberius Hawke Jr. Empty Tiberius Hawke Jr.

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Name: Tiberius Hawke Jr.

Age: 16

Position: Student, 10th Grade (going into 11th at the end of the summer break)

Appearance: Standing at 6' 3" (1.8m), Hawke stands a head and shoulders above most of his peers. He is of middle build, weighing roughly 165lb (75kg). His body is decently toned, but by no means muscly - he regularly swims in order to keep himself in shape, as well as to keep his leg in working order. His toned body and height make him appear slightly older, and the light shade of stubble across his chin does nothing to betray his youth.
As for his features, Hawke is a Caucasian, with black hair (dyed, naturally his mother's blonde) and brown eyes. He has an attractive face that has earned him a long list of ex-girlfriends. He walks with a pronounced limp in his right
leg, and this slows him down quite substantially. Beneath his clothes Hawke has several scars across his abdomen and chest that he does not take special care in hiding.
As for his clothing, he tends to wear smart casual clothes when not wearing his school uniform, generally a t-shirt coupled with a button-up shirt or sweater. These are accompanied by either black or grey skinny jeans and a pair of converse.
Despite predominantly growing up in  the London area, Hawke has the accent of a middle class Brit, thanks to his parentage and private school tuition.

Backstory: Hawke is the son of a French woman, Marie Dèmure, who grew up in England from her teenage years, and her English husband, Tiberius Hawke Sr, a former Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Force. Both the Dèmure and the Hawke families come from "old" money, and Hawke's parents never wanted for anything as children, benefitting from the highest of education and being spoilt rotten. They met in a boarding school in the south west of England when they were 14, and have been in love ever since.

Soon after leaving school ar 16, Hawke Sr. and Marie soon grew sick of the "high life" handed to them by their parents' wealth, and cut all ties from their biological parents. They spent the next two happy years travelling around Europe, with Marie funding their life through the writing of a travel column for a newspaper in England and Tiberius picking up odd jobs as an unskilled laborer in the towns they passed through. Eventually, they were married in a chapel in the small village that Marie grew up in, and Marie Démure became Marie Hawke. Soon after the marriage, the newly wed Hawkes discovered that they could no longer cope away from the life of luxury that they had grown up with. Their heads hung, the pair returned to England and reestablished contact with their families, who thankfully welcomed them back with open arms, and open wallets.

With the help of his father's influence, Tiberius Hawke Sr. was accepted to study criminology at University College London, and then went on to join the police force. Within five years he had already reached the rank of sergeant - despite his family's influence, he was still a talented policeman. He dilligently worked away for the next five years, and was eventually transferred to the Metropolitan Police to join a new initiative as an Inspector after a further five years. The new initiative was focused on bringing down gang warfare in and around inner-city London.

Meanwhile, Marie worked on her writing career from the Hawke family home just outside London. For a time, she continued working as a newspaper reporter, writing columns for local newspapers, but eventually moved on to writing novels. She enjoyed several years of success, earning favorable rankings in the book charts and becoming a minor celebrity. She fell pregnant at the time of Hawke Sr's promotion to inspector. The pair were happy, and Marie continued her writing well into the pregnancy. While Hawke Sr. lived a dangerous life, shutting down several major gang operations, his promotion and the book sales earned the young couple a decent amount of money, but they purchased their first family home with a lot of help from the family coffers.

Tiberius Hawke Jr. was born on the 18th October, 1998. He was born healthy, and the happy parents soon took him back to their new home. While Tiberius Jr. grew up, his father worked hard to pay for everything the child would ever need. It never seemed to be enough though, and the young family used ever more of the family money. The child grew up in comfort, in his formative years he became interested in music while listening to to the music his mother played as she wrote. He attended a private preparatory school where he enjoyed learning to play the piano, but also enjoyed his regular lessons in English. At home, his mother taught him French so he could communicate with her side of the family during their infrequent visits, and whenever they travelled to France on the yearly holidays to Chateau du Dèmure throughout his childhood. In 2003, shortly after Hawke Jr's 5th birthday, his parents revealed to him that he would soon be having a little sister. On the 3rd of December 2003, his younger sibling, Tegan Hawke, was born. Her birth was had complications, and Tegan was born with severe respiratory problems. As they both grew older, they developed a true brother and sister bond and were firm friends - Hawke made sure to include her in everything he did around the house and always made sure she was safe and happy.

By age 10, Hawke Jr. was required to move to a secondary school. Despite their flight from the school, Hawke's parents ultimately decided that the school did a lot of good for them as young adults, and packed the young boy off to live in the South of England during school term time. At the school, Hawke was nervous and struggled to make friends at first. He was among the offspring of society's elite, his peers were the sons and daughters of wildly successful individuals, whereas Hawke was simply there as a result of his grandparent's wealth. Hawke always felt awkward around the other students when they discussed their parents, and on more than one occasion Hawke would find himself being teased by one particularly unpleasant child. This child's father was the Comissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and was subsequently Hawke Sr's boss. the boy would constantly joke that Hawke worked for him, and publicly humiliating him by treating him like a slave. Tegan also attended the school, and she and Hawke still always found time for each other.

The years went by, and Hawke's passion for music only grew, and by 13 he had expanded his repertoire to include the guitar - both bass and regular. He formed a band with a the few close friends he had, and they played at the school concerts and generally went down very well. Hawke sang and played lead guitar within the band, and they played mostly covers of old classics, with some original material thrown in here and there, This earned respect among Hawke's peers, and suddenly he found himself to be the "cool" child at the school. Thus began's Hawke's true talent - breaking hearts. Over the course of year 9, Hawke acquired a slew of ex-girlfriends and became quite the womaniser. At the same time, Hawke Sr. was promoted to Chief Inspector of a unit within the anti-gang task force, and Hawke eventually became friends with his former bully. He formed a strong group of friends around him, and became very popular among his friends. His grades, which were generally quite strong, began to slip, and his teachers reported noticeably worse behaviour from him within classes. Gone was the quiet and reserved Hawke, replaced by a new cocky, smart-mouthed Hawke. He began to play the class clown, entertaining his new friends by acting up and causing hassle for the teachers. His evenings were being spent in detentions, and his backlog of homework grew to the size of a mountain.

On Hawke's visits home, his parents began to notice the arrogance within him that was not there as a child. They realised, all too late, that they had done the same thing to their child that their parents had done to them - he had become a fully-fledged spoilt brat. As soon as Hawke Sr. heard his child refer to one of the local children as "common" when Hawke visited home for his 14th birthday, he was immediately withdrawn from private school and returned to the family home in London. He then attended a local state school for the remainder of year 9 and the rest of his GCSE career.

Once Hawke started at the new school, he soon became quietened. Much to his horror, the position of class clown was oversubscribed - he was used to small class sizes at private school but was now in classes that sometimes had more than forty in them. His smart mouth was drowned in a sea of others, and he soon learnt that his middle class accent earned a snigger from his classmates. He was never explicitly bullied at school, but he would quite often catch people pointing at him and giggling to each other in the corner of his eye. Tegan stayed at the boarding school, and the pair missed each other terribly but would still be the best of friends when she would return to London for the long weekends and holidays.

It was not all doom and gloom at school for Hawke, however. He earned a place among a circle of friends and grew to become firm friends with them. They even began a small band, and his talent for music flourished as he threw himself headfirst into the band. By the summer term of year 10, Hawke's band was playing several gigs a month, mostly open mic nights, but it was more than most had achieved in the music world at age 15.

As for his studies, Hawke took the easy route and chose French as one of his options for GCSE - he was practically fluent anyway thanks to his parentage, and he obviously chose music as another subject that he excelled in. He had once again risen to become a grade A student, easily passing exams and becoming something of a favorite among teacher's - he was not the classic "work every waking moment" student that they were used to, he simply breezed through the course content.

Everything seemed to be coming up Hawke, he finished his exams in year 11, confident in his results, and was finally released into the extra-long summer holiday that every British child was promised once they finished their GCSE year. The first week of his freedom was wasted on staying at home and playing video games with his friends, and his father eventually convinced Hawke into joining his father's nightly jog around the neighbourhood. At this point, the Hawke family had moved into their second family home. They still lived in London, but they had moved into an apartment near to the city centre in order to be closer to Hawke Sr's job. Their nightly jog took them to all sorts of places: Oxford Street, Camden, Hyde Park. They saw all sorts, and quite often Hawke Sr. would be recognised by members of the Met and they would stop for long chats. This got Hawke Jr. interested in police work, and he began to regularly visit his father's office and took on a work experience placement as an office secretary. One day, Hawke Jr. was allowed to follow the squad on a standard arrest: one of the gang's drug factories had been found and Hawke Sr's unit was to be the one to barge in and make the necessary arrests.

Kitted out with a stab vest and a police helmet, Hawke Jr piled into the police van along with his father and his colleagues, and they arrived at the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. They crept towards the warehouse undetected, and in a sudden flash of movement it was all over. Hawke Sr. and his officers entered the building through three seperate doors, badges outsrteched screaming for the gang to throw down their weapons and surrender. Hawke watched from the back of the room, amazed. He had never seen his father in action before, and a grin spread across his face as he watched his father arrest a multitude of criminals.

However, all did not go to plan. Little did the unit know, the gang had hidden a trapdoor beneath some empty crates, and they were caught off guard when several more of the gang came pouring out, and began laying into the officers, beating them mercilessly with makeshift weapons. Hawke Jr. was trapped on the other side of the group of thugs, and one noticed him behind them when he called out to his father. Seeing as Hawke was dressed in the police-issue stab vest and the recognisable custodian helmet of the British police force, he was assumed to be a member of the team. One of the men began to mercilessly beat Hawke Jr, and before the situation was under control a lot of damage had been done.

Hawke and his father were bundled into the back of an ambulance, and Hawke lay in critical condition for three days, with severe wounds to his chest and leg. When Hawke awoke following his third major surgery in a week, he found his life to be changed. The first thing he noticed was his haggard father asleep in the chair next to his bed, looking grey and exhausted. The second thing he noticed was a dull pain in his right leg. The doctors informed him that he had been stabbed several times in the joint between the knee and shin, and would likely never be able to walk properly again.

After several weeks of physiotherapy and bed rest, Hawke was permitted to leave the hospital. From then on, he had to take daily pain medicine in order to keep the pain in his leg to a minimum, but also to avoid cluster headaches that would likely come as a result of a small brain hemorrhage that he had suffered following the attack.

The next few weeks were tough for the Hawke family, his mother was furious at his father for not being careful enough with their son, and his father blamed himself for what happened. He was fired from his job as Chief Inspector once the Commissioner found out that he had brought a child to an active crime scene, and Hawke's father soon succumbed to depression, and Hawke began noticing more and more empty wine bottles in the recycling bins. The topic of school was also a big problem, Hawke planned on attending a local college for his post-16 tuition but this did not seem possible while he was still having daily physiotherapy and was unable to move very quickly at all.

When the subject was broached with his doctor, The Tachibana Academy was mentioned. Both Hawke and his parents were intrigued by the idea of moving to Canada, and eventually the Hawke family (minus Tegan, who stayed at boarding school) upheaved themselves and traveled halfway across the world to begin their new life in Toronto. As expected, Hawke was upset to leave his friends behind, but he knew full well that he could not squander an opportunity as fantastic as a prestigious international academy. He said goodbye, shed a few tears and settled down in the suburbs of Toronto. As always, Grandpa Hawke made a large donation to the school's founding fund in a grand display of wealth, and Hawke was accepted into the school, due to start at the beginning of the next school year in grade 11. For ease of transport, Hawke opted to stay in the school dorms during the week and returned to his parents during the weekends. With excitement in his chest and a dull throb in his leg, Tiberius Hawke Jr. was ready to tackle the latest chapter of his life.

Personality: Hawke is a reserved character, having learned the price of cockiness at a young age. Around new people, he is generally cautious and quite private, giving out few details of his personal life while simultaneously making an effort to engage his conversational partner in discussion. Despite his reserved nature, he is generally a happy person and is willing to chat to anyone that approaches him, but he will rarely make the first move. His keen interest in music still causes him to babble on about the latest band if music is mentioned.

One aspect of his life he is oddly vocal about, while many people would usually keep details of horrific accidents to themselves, Hawke is always eager to talk about his leg and show of his gnarly scars. He thinks of it as a scene out of some cop film filled with explosions and guns.

He also suffers from a chronic weakness: women. He is a serial flirt, and can't help but try to impress the girls he's interested in (although he tends to have quite a high standard when it comes to his women).

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Tiberius Hawke Jr. Empty Re: Tiberius Hawke Jr.

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Profile looks great! It's lengthy, consistent and very well-written! You have my approval.

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