[OPEN] A Feeling of... loneliness?

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[OPEN] A Feeling of... loneliness? Empty [OPEN] A Feeling of... loneliness?

Post by Pearce on Thu Apr 07, 2016 4:23 am

The classes of that day came to an end and once again Ada found herself with nothing to do. She remembers that her apartment is in a good state in terms of cleaning, she wasn't in the mood for exercising and she had nothing else to do. She could try to find someone she knew, but after giving the school a good walk she couldn't see any familiar faces around. It was overwhelming for her how everyone was talking with someone but she was walking alone without a place to go, feeling a weird emptyness in her chest. And that's how she ended up in a place she would never expect to visit: the library. As far as Ada knows, it's the most quiet place to be in the school.

Lately, she felt that the threatening aura she had around her slowly started to fade, but it was still there. Ada removed a random book from the shelves, walked to a corner and dropped herself in a chair, the book laying on the table. As hard as she tried, she couldn't bring herself to read so she closed it and stood up, walking in circles with her arms crossed and eyes closed trying to discover what was this feeling. "Could this be...? No, of course not

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