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Post by TheMootking on Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:35 am

The Void - a mysterious plane of existence, with an ever changing and ever-shifting maze of parallel countries, each with key differences.

The Void is a chaotic universe made up of a multitude of separate worlds that have all come together to form one giant landmass, governed by "The Family" and their subordinates. The Family is headed by three mysterious leaders, and they appoint a governor in each country to act as their voice. For example, President Jun Taira of World TECH is in charge of that world, but directly answers to The Family. There is absolutely no way of Facets accessing a world that they do not belong to within The Void without the divine intervention of a member of The Family. Occasionally, events will be held where the barriers between two worlds will be lowered and characters will be able to travel back and forth, but these barriers will return after a short while and characters will be returned to their homeworld.

Essentially, each world within The Void is self-contained and the inhabitants will have no idea of the existence of other worlds aside from the faint notion in the back of their heads, like a lost memory. These memories will return during the crossover events, but they will be forgotten once the barriers return.

Additionally, The Void has a habit of changing. It takes a lot of energy from The Family to keep worlds physically present within The Void, and from time to time worlds will break away and be lost to the mists surrounding The Void. This will be rectified almost immediately, and worlds that are lost will be replaced by new ones, or perhaps even a world that was once thought lost. This will happen dependent on how popular/unpopular a world is and if there is any demand for a world to return. Don't worry, though, threads will not be lost and they will be archived until the world returns to The Void.

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