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Post by Sora on Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:51 pm

Jordan sat on his bed, looking blankly forward at the wall, not quite sure what he was doing or how he was feeling.
He'd been like this for a while now. A few minutes? An hour? More? He wasn't really sure. He hadn't been keeping track.
He'd been at this school for a while now. A few weeks? Months? He thought it was months. It was months, he decided.
Months are a pretty long time. Not the longest one, but pretty long. And it's plural, of course ­months. A few. A few? Yeah, it hadn't been that many, just a few.
And what had happened in that time? What had come of the thoughts Jordan first had? "Maybe I'll meet people."
Sure, he met people. People seemed interesting. But that was it. He met people. Nothing came of it. Behind that "meeting people" thing was an assumption of more significance -­ "and make a friend or two."

That hadn't happened.

Why was that?

Well, he met those couple people when he got lost. And then they helped eachother back.
And then he barely wrote or signed a word to either of them.
And he'd worked with people in class occasionally on partner work and stuff. Similarly, never associated with them afterward.

What, were people just going to come to me?
Of course I haven't made any friends, I haven't done anything to make any.

Jordan felt his face heating up and stopped to breathe for a bit.

So I have to do something about it.

As much as he felt like going out and doing something about it right now, it was kind of late.
Maybe he'd do something after school tomorrow.
He swore to himself that he'd try something. He wasn't sure what, but he'd feel bad about himself if he didn't. Jordan had told himself that he was used to the solitude and the occasional depression, but thoughts of the absence of either one were far too tempting to simply let them pass away. Let them pass away like these few months.


(Guys, I really do care about this community. This whole "Nobody else is posting so I can't post either" trap has been really annoying.
I'm gonna try my best to actually start posting here again, whether people reply or not. If somebody else would join me I'd really appreciate it.
We don't need many people to keep the place going. Just three people, I'd say, myself included, posting half-regularly would be a lot better than the dead silence that's filled this place (or failed to) so far.)

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