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Life used to be a dream for the rich, a suffering for the poor and a game for ignorants. For us, it's a living nightmare


Name: Zephyr LeBlanc "Echelon" in the resistance

Age: 39

Position: Member of the Resistance/Scientist, inventor, engineer and researcher in the community. Sometimes fighter

Zephyr LeBlanc Cool_s10
Without the earphones, same clothes (but messier and stained with dust, dirt and explosion marks) as the image.

Backstory: A prolific young scientist first, transformed into a crazied genious after the armageddon who got obsessed with finding a "cure" for the cyborgs and mutants as a member of the resistance.

Zephyr was what people from the past generation called gifted in science and technology, subjects he aced perfectly in school and in home he always asked for money to buy things for experiments of his own. He lived a normal life, in a normal loving family, in a normal city. His parents were patient, understanding, and maybe a bit overprotective, but knew how to put limits to their only child. Even though in school he had the popularty of a nerd, he didn't minded because he was well respected by the few people who socialized with him; many calling him a "machine terrorist" due to his knowledge.

He got a scholarship and graduated from university with honors in a mastery in physics and chemistry, and a degree in engineering at the age of 26. As soon as he called it quits in studies, he was hired by the so far so normal Dr. Takeshi Tachibana to work on AI development projects as a supervisor.

Everything seemed bright, good pay, good social life, even a couple of awards. Until...

As Zephyr worked on a violence configuration code and a flame ignition device with the suspicious shape of an arm, he wondered why would the doctor need this for. Pulled by his curiosity, he avoided asking him directly, since he kept a strict "no asking" rule. Instead, he sneaked into his office once he was missing, finding plans about PROJECT CYBORG, which included all the technological advances that his fellow coworkers and him archieved implemented in a world domination plan that was soon to be finished and launched. Shocked by the news, he simply faked a better work offer so he could quit his job to get ready for the armageddon.

Taking out all the money from his bank accounts, he bought all that was needed for survival. Tons of food cans, water bottles, radio, batteries, etc. And built a shelter in the basement of his house, even used his knowledge to make an iron door and electric generator. And thus, he waited, and planned a way to beat the cyber army.

Not loo long later, the nuclear blasts began and he could hear it all from his improvised shelter, this was an unexpected result by him, and the thoughts of his now probably dead family stormed him for nights long. In the deepest part of his depression, he swore he would be a part of this world's restoring and finally moved on, accepting the world he once knew was now gone.

After days of exploring, he caught sight of some survivors trying to fight with the hyper powerful cyborgs, of course they were almost killed. He saw how they took them to wherever they had to go, probably to be "augmented" as well. One of them, seemed to be not completely dead, and was crawling on the ground after faking death. He took her to his shelter and took care of her until she recovered. Her name was Jenny. Her cuteness and weak state made him reconsider hope in mankind, also her nice and kind personality didn't helped the contrary idea at all. Jenny was a member of the newly created resistance against the evil doctor, and he gladly accepted her request of joining them after she saw his abilities to assume the role of the typical engineer who took care of the headquarters.

Even though Zephyr is not a stablished fighter, he forcefully has to get his hands dirty to collect supplies in the groups that were formed, always taking whatever he finds on his way to keep going on with his research, all of his theories failed. Even after he captured one of the so called ghouls and samples of a dead cyborg.

Years and years he spent with the resistance that he somehow growed to like them, considering them his family, many consider him the most intelligent and wise amongst the group. Even though they all of them think he is a bit twisted, everyone likes him and many try to be his friends; however, the time he spents on his experiments and handling the headquarters' equipment, as well as his shyness make that a pretty hard task.

Personality: Zephyr could be described simply and shortly as "crazed genious", someone who tries his best to return mankind to it's past glory also works. Obviously, there's more in his head.
While he is a low talking person and a shy guy, he has a sweet and solidary personality, willing to help the others. The only thing he loves more than science are chocolates. Zephyr personally thinks he isn't attractive, but ask any of the girls of the group and thay'll tell you he is quite handsome and cute.
After he realized that the old world is gone, he keeps the newcomers' hopes up and cheers them to try to survive and make the best out of their lifes. Whenever one of the survivors couldn't make it, he felt as if a piece of him was taken away but eventually lets them go and carries on. He is a lover of cute things (including people) and romantic stuff, contrary to his shy trait.

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