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[PRIME] Brochure for The Tachibana Academy Empty [PRIME] Brochure for The Tachibana Academy

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[PRIME] Brochure for The Tachibana Academy Academ10

The Tachibana Academy

Inspiring Equality

Our Mission

The Tachibana Academy is a school for 6-18 year olds,
with advanced facilities to accommodate physical and
mental needs. Our approach to education ensures we
focus on the individual, and tailor each student’s experience
to suit them.

How It Began

Takeshi Tachibana began developing prosthetics for the
physically disabled at the young age of 18—however, his
first project was not meant to be. Through hard work and
diligence, though, Tachibana eventually made a breakthrough
which lead to his global success, and shot his company
Cyberheart into the public eye. Their products are now present
all over the world as the most advanced prosthetic of the modern
age; Cyberheart has  helped change over 200,000 lives, and
increased their quality tenfold.
[PRIME] Brochure for The Tachibana Academy Masuda10
Following his success, Tachibana approached several of the world’s
leading educators and offered to fund the founding of a brand new
school, extending yet another hand to those in need.

Our Facilities

The Tachibana Academy is equipped with a multitude of  state-of-the-art
facilities to suit our students'’ needs.

Pool—our indoor pool comes equipped with a variety of lifts and
hoists to allow access for our disabled students—hydrotherapy sessions
will also be available to those who require them.
Library—Our library is stocked with books with both written word and
braille. It is stocked to the highest standard ,with topics ranging all the
way up to medical journals and beyond.
Psychology Ward—We have a full team of dedicated psychoanalysts
and therapists that will support our mentally disabled students, with
group therapy and one-on-one sessions.
Medical Ward—Our medical facilities will be on par with those of a
hospital—we will be able to cater to all manner of disabilities and are
less than five miles away from the nearest hospital should anything
serious occur.

Why We Do This

Tachibana and the faculty of The Tahcibana Academy believe in
equality for all. We aim to provide a high-quality education for
those that are in need, regardless of their situation.

Finance and Scholarships

Unfortunately, quality such as this comes at a high price.
While we have a large fund, we cannot cover the costs of
every student. Fees are made available on request and will
be relevant to the situation of the student. Rest assured
that every effort will be made to reduce this price to its
lowest possible point.
We do, however, offer scholarships. Those students that
show particular promise or would otherwise be unable to
attend the Academy may apply for a social or an academic
scholarship by contacting the Academy.


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