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Mizo Richards:
Mizo wrote:(Note: I'm using spoiler tags in the back story to avoid a solid wall of text.)

World: PRIME

Name:Mizo "Zee" Richards

Age: 15

Position:Student, Grade 9

Appearance: Black medium length and rather unkempt hair. Green eye in his right eye and a milky white in the left with a scar running over it. Light frame with a medium build, around 5 foot 8 and weighing in at around 155 lb.
He enjoys wearing slim fit jeans and wacky pop culture and video game themed t-shirts with his favorite pair of black and white checkered slip-on sneakers.
In addition he's almost never found without his "lucky" jacket. It's a simple, rather form fitting, track style jacket that's black with two red stripes up each arm and a red collar and boarder around the bottom. He's got a rather different skin tone due to being half Japanese and half Canadian. Lighter than the average Japanese, and not as pale as your typical Caucasian.

Early Life:
Mizo spent a good portion of his life thus far in his home town of Prince George. One of his favorite things to do was play video games with his Dad, who also happened to be an avid collector of retro systems. Mizo's first experience with these works of digital art was the same place many kid have started, Super Mario. He loved Super Mario World so much that his Dad bought him a DS lite and a copy of Super Mario World for the GBA so that the young boy could play whenever he wanted, and that he did. Mizo was particularly fond of the Pokemon games, he had a bunch of the toys and other such items. The reason Mizo secluded himself away, content with video games to keep him company, was due to just how shy the young boy was. Due to this shyness he didn't really have any real friends. His parents tried encouraging him to come out of his shell, but every thing they tried just didn't seem to work.

Everything changed though when a new family moved in next door.

The new neighbors:
They were the Robinson's, and they were as nice of neighbors as anyone could ask for. Wendy, Dale and their 8 year old twins Anne and Jack. For what ever reason the twins took a liking to Mizo and inadvertently made it their mission to get him out of his shell. They dragged him every where. In to the nearby woods to explore, to the park to find the "Tree Monster" that someone's older brother had told them about, out to build a mud fort because "Mud is just as good as snow!" and everywhere else an eight year old could go to cause a little mischief. It was even the twins that gave Mizo the nickname "Zee". Mizo did of course protest and often looked to his parents with the "please don't make me go" eyes on but his parents always used a little "forceful encouragement" with phrases like "Go on, you'll have fun." and "Play nice, and be safe!"

Mizo would eventually come out of his shell, but you know what they say things can get worse before they get better.

The Tree:
He'd been being dragged around by the twins for about 7 months at this point and today was no worse. The twins had stopped by his house about the same time they always did on Saturdays, just a little after 10 a.m.

"Hey Zee, guess what?" Anne and Jack would often speak almost like they were one person

"We found the BEST climbing tree!"
So after a bit of protesting on his part Mizo was off in to the woods with Anne and Jack to see this tree.
It took a bit of walking to get there, but it was worth it. The tree was impressive, it had branches in all directions and seemed to go on forever.
Immediately the twins were off and up the tree while Mizo stayed behind at the bottom marveling at the sheer size of the tree.
Suddenly there was a loud snap and a crack as a branch came crashing down with a thud not far from Mizo. With out hesitating Mizo checked the tree above where he saw Jack hanging from the tree only being held up by Anne.

He acted before he could think and was up the tree as fast as possible.
Once he reached the other two he grabbed jack by the back of the shirt and tried to pull him up, but it was no good.
Between Anne not having a good grip on her brother to begin with and Mizo not being the strongest of people it was no surprise that when Anne lost her grip on her brother and he started to fall he dragged Mizo along down too.
It wasn't an easy fall either, even though a large branch had cleared a few of the other branches along the way they still hit several on the way down. One hit Mizo particularly hard in the face which caused him to blackout.

The Darkness before the dawn:
When Mizo came to he was in a hospital room. His head was spinning, and in massive pain. his leg hurt, and his ribs were really sore and he couldn't see anything out of his left eye.
After a moment he noticed a someone asleep in a chair next to him.

"M...Mom?" He was confused, he tried to speak some more but it was difficult. "W..what...Jack...Tree."
Hearing his words was enough to put Mizo's Mother into tears. She was overjoyed yo see him awake and without thinking threw her arms around him.

"Oh, My baby Boy!" she almost sobbed.

"M-Mom...I'm..I'm f-fine, OW! ow-ow..t-that hurts!"
It was no surprise, not only had he broke his right leg but also the limb that impacted with his face had caused some serious damage to his left eye. He was later informed that he'd lose the use of that eye due to the severe damage caused to it.
As for his right eye his eye the cornea had become detached so he would need a corrective lens for it.

Mizo was still confused, and really worried about Jack.

"M-MOM,  How's J-Jack?" He was finally able to get out.
That was when Mizo could tell by the look on his Mother's face that something was very wrong.
After taking a moment to compose herself, she placed a hand on Mizo's shoulder in the reassuring way that only a mother could do.

"Mizo, honey...your friend Jack...he...he didn't make it. He was hurt to badly by the fall."
Mizo's mother was tearing up as much as he was.
It had turned out that when they fell Jack had grabbed onto Mizo and sorta acted as a cushion. It had prevented Mizo from taking the brunt of the impact. Jack had saved his life, but lost his own in the process. He felt terrible, and to make it worse Anne never came to see him in the hospital. This made him feel even worse, so once he got well enough Mizo and his parents payed a visit next door. Mr.Robinson answered the door and already Mizo could feel the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I'm...I'm so sorry! I tried to pull him up, I tried! He...he was-"

Mr.Robinson crouched down to bring himself to Mizo's level.

"It's OK, I miss him too."
He said as tears of his own started.
"There's something I wanna tell you Mizo. Jack save you when you both fell. Honor him by living life to the fullest, he would of wanted it that way."
Mizo fought back the tears long enough to respond.

"O-OK, I can do that."
He hesitated before he moved on.
"C-Can...Can I umm talk to Anne?"

Now it was Mr.Robinson's turn to hesitate.

"I'm afraid she's not here. She...well you see, this has all been very hard on her. The memories here, well it's a bit too much for her so she's gone to live with her aunt in Ottawa. I'm sorry."
Mizo was crushed, he hadn't even got to say good by, or did she blame him for what happened?
He'd never really know and it's something that still bothers him to this day.

New Day, New Worries:

Mizo decided to take to heart what Mr. Robinson had said.
"Live life to the fullest,he would of wanted it that way."
He knew what he had to do. So each day he tried to be a little more outgoing like Jack, and less his shy self.He'd realized that there are things to do, and experience. From then on he started to become more outgoing, leaving his shell behind as he started to forge his way in this world. He even started to make some new friends as a result,but never forgot the two that had meant the most to him.
One of the things Mizo did was to make sure to periodically visit Mr. and Mrs. Robinson to show he was indeed living his live to the fullest.
This is also why he still goes by the nickname given to him by the twins, so that he'll never forget. It's his constant reminder.

Mizo had emerged from his shell, along with a new set of problems
Firstly there was the fracture in his leg, it had been rather severe an caused some permanent nerve damage. Even though it did eventually heal up it left him with a limp that he was told he'd most likely have for the rest of his life.
This would slow him down, at least physically.
Secondly there was his loss of vision in his left eye. With only one working eye his depth perception was really messed up, and at first it really showed. He eventually got a bit better but it still affects him pretty badly and none of his doctors can figure out why this is.
The biggest problem though is the loss of Jack. It still weighs heavily in the back of his mind, tormenting him. "If only I could of saved him." it still causes him a good deal of anguish.
Added to that the fact that Anne hasn't spoken to him since that day doesn't help.

An Outlet:
Mizo's parents suggested that he find an outlet for his problems, and so they set out to help him find that outlet.
There was some trial and error involved in finding the right hobbies to help the young boy vent. He tried reading, but all the words put a strain on his only functioning eye too quickly. He gave a shot at building models but didn't really have the patience for it.
Eventually his parents steered him towards music. At first he just listened to some relaxing music to see if that helped him. It was like something just clicked in Mizo but he wanted more, not to listen to though, he wanted to create music. Wonderful music, and he wanted to share his music with the world. He wanted to become a top notch musician. Mizo found he was particularly partial to the piano. He'll never forget that feeling he felt as he opened the box to his first keyboard, it was a Casio SA-76. As he progressed he moved on to better keyboards to the one he's using now, the Yamaha DGX-530.

A new future:
Even with his outlet Mizo still lashed out when the frustration got to be too much, and it only got worse in junior high. He had friends, but they were all "Normal". As a result to this he started to even lash out at them and even started to withdraw again, so much to the point where his music almost stopped helping.
It pained his parents to see him this way and so they started to to search for a solution.
That search lead them to the Tachibana Academy.
It looked like this could be the solution to Mizo's problems, or at least the physical ones.
His parents sat him down and talked it over with him, made it clear that this was only if it was something he felt was right for him.
Mizo thought it all over, weighed the pros and cons and after careful consideration he made up his mind.
"This is where I need to be."
Mizo felt a little afraid as he said those words, but in his heart he knew he was making the best choice.
A whole new future awaits him.

Personality:He's a very nice person, but often comes across as weird and awkward due to his using humor as a natural response to almost every situation. Mizo's come to realize that this may have been one of the qualities that's drawn people to him in the past. However to the few that know Mizo well enough to know the real him can tell you that he has a big heart and even bigger dreams. He has goals he want's to achieve in life and a burning passion to make them come true come heck or high water. This fiery passion that can be seen in his eyes when he gets started talking about his dreams of becoming a professional musician.

Mizo cares deeply about the people around him even though he'd never say as much out loud. His sense of curiosity and wonderment is ever expanding due to his creative flair and his unstoppable drive. Mizo has however a darker side to his personality a side of frustration...of anger and...of some confusion brought on mostly by his physical handicaps. Sometimes this dark side over powers him and to avoid lashing out at his friends unjustly he chooses to seclude himself often times throwing himself into his music. When he gets this way he can lock himself away for days, even weeks at a time. All in all Mizo is a good person, with his share of problems (but then again who doesn't?) who is just slightly misunderstood on occasion.

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