One stupid joke [Wade Wilson]

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One stupid joke [Wade Wilson] Empty One stupid joke [Wade Wilson]

Post by Caroline G. on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:46 am

This had to be some kind of very bad joke and Caroline was starting to be annoyed by it. Like she had nothing else to do today : she just go here, she wanted to visit her dorm, unpack her things, maybe visit a little. But nooo, of course. She had first to meet some of her classmates, others Sentinels, which would have been perfectly fine if they hadn’t sent her on a quest to find another one. According to them, he’ll be the perfect person to explain things to her. She asked why no one else would be able to do that, but they just discarded the question by telling her they had other things to do. Well, apparently, that was also the case for this Wade Wilson that she was supposed to find, because he was nowhere to be found in the Sentinels classrooms.

A “good looking blue-eyed guy with a mess as hair”, like that was the kind of description precise enough for the young woman. Not that she couldn’t see whose guy was good looking or not, but it was far from being her specialty. It would have been much easier if anyone looked at least a bit like this, she could’ve at least asked for the way but there was no one. It has been fifteen minutes now and she was pretty sure that she checked every Sentinels rooms two times. So, either he was trying his best to make sure SHE won’t find him or he wasn’t here at all. Maybe he didn’t even exist and that was just a stupid game of her classmates.

With a short grunt, she pulled her earpieces out of her pocket and linked them to her phone. It was time for some music, it helped relaxed. Pushing random without looking, she engaged into some unknown corridors as “Cherry Bomb” from The Runawars blasted through her ears. That wasn’t exactly relaxing but that distracted her enough so she was okay with it. Walking fast, she did her best to not acknowledge the look of some other students. Here like in every school, a new student was probably a curiosity. She guessed that people were trying to determine what was her “gift”. She smiled at that idea : she did good this morning when she put on her suit under her jean and long buttoned shirt.

As she passed in front of a room titled simply “Common Room” , she caught a glimpse of messed hair and blue eyes. Was that … ? Caroline pushed the door open completely and walked right toward him, taking off her earpieces in the process. She was probably looking angry already but tried her best to dismiss it with a smile when she addressed him, he has nothing to do with that, right ?

Excuse me, are you Wade Wilson ?” she started before remembering the basic rules of conversation. “Oh, Hello too.
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