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Post by Caroline G. on Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:58 pm

Name: Caroline "No alias yet" Garrand
Age: 15
Position: Student at Tyler Jacobson Academy (Sentinel)
Appearance: Caroline could be described as an outstanding lady. It is difficult to not notice her when she enters a room, especially because of her height. Coming from a family of giants, it is not a surprise that she grew up to be one of the tallest girls in her class. 6’ (182 cm) and more than half is made of her damn long legs. It's one of her pride, especially when she dances as she loves that.
But focusing on her legs would be forgetting a lot. They support a nice and thin waist. The tall girl never needed to watch her weight, as it was already difficult for her to feed such a tall body, especially because she had taken the bad habit of eating so little during lunch. Her chest isn’t really modest but it’s not oversized either, at the great pleasure of Caroline. She can easily enhance it with the good choice of clothes and she can try to make it invisible when hiding it under a pullover.
Finally, her face is truly welcoming, as she is used to bearing a gigantic smile all the time. Her lips are naturally red and a bit pulpous, but not too much. She has a small nose, too small for her taste and two big brown eyes, so clear that they sometimes seem grey. The whole face is surrounded by her long dark hair. She had always been fond of letting it grow, but since she didn’t cut it during the whole time she was at the hospital, they are now longer than they have ever been. Their tips actually stop at the far end of her back.

Usually, she wears very simple clothing : jeans – always blue -, a shirt of soft colors and a jacket if necessary. Caroline isn’t either too fond of jewelry and the most than she can wear are earrings.

Backstory: The sky had some very interesting colors today. The city, however, was a grey as it has always been, but the contrast with the red of the clouds was really interesting. The sun was rising and creating a gradation of red from the horizon to the grey sky up there. Caroline decided that it was a show worth wasting a few moments, not like she had anything else to do anyway. She was on the last floor or one of the towers at the Pierre et Marie Curie University. One of the biggest schools in France, and probably the most important internationally. Not a school she could hope entering one day with her grades. She wasn’t an idiot, of course, but she was just too lazy to reach a proper level. It was also one of the biggest research labs on meta in Europe.

She almost jumped in surprise when the door finally opened on a new face. The doctor was old, his head bald if it wasn’t for some bushes of white hair around his ears. It was ugly, he should probably shave that. She could have been afraid, but he had a friendly smile and quickly extended his arms for her to shake.

“Hello, Ms. Garrand, right ? It’s very nice to meet you, I’m Mr. Lorec.”

“Hello” she answered, kind of shy for now.

He sat on the other side and opened a file he had under his arm, consulting a few documents.

“So… are you feeling today, Ms. Garrand ?”

It’s weird how reverent he sounds, like she was some kind of important personality. She’s only 15.

“Hum. You can call me Caroline. And I’m okay, I guess.”

He nodded politely and went back to reading his notes. She tried to see what was written, but his hand made it impossible.

“Your file is very… impressive. Truly. I have never seen anything like this actually and I’ve studied metahumans for a few years now.”

It must be a hard job. Studying something that no one can understand or explain, either it’s the most interesting job in the world, or the most boring. Judging by his smile, it’s the first option, at least to him.

“It is written here that you hasn’t experienced anything before your 15 years, is that correct ?” he asked.

She nodded, joining her fingers on her lap. She was thinking. Should she tell him more ? She had already spent 3 months explaining all that to everyone in here.

“I… yeah, nothing. But… uh…. I grew up very fast when I was 12. Like… it wasn’t in one night or anything but it was impressive. Maybe it has something to do with… uh… the thing.”

He wrote something on his paper and gave her an impressed look.

“It’s a possibility. I’m sure that, if your growth had been anything but normal, your doctors would have noticed, but maybe. Thanks.”

He took a new paper and started reading again, slowly and methodically.

“Nothing special to note during your years at school. Maybe you didn’t feel quite right at high school ?”

“No, it was okay, doctor. I had a few friends before and when I went, I kept a few, made a few other. Nothing special I would say. I joined a music club, but I kept dancing outside the school. I don’t know if it’s…”

“Anything can be important, Ms. Garrand. I’m just checking information. Thank you very much.”

She gulped as he returned to his reading. What could she say about her life ? It had been very, very normal until a few months ago. Her parents had lived in Paris during all her childhood, so she knew the city very well. They weren’t as presents as she would have wished, but her brother had been here for her all the time. He helped her every time she needed help and therefore she never had any bad experience in school, quite the contrary.

“It is said that you started training with some professionals, is that right ?”

“Oh hum… Yeah. Kinda. They said it would be better for me.”

They had insisted, as soon as they could understand her “gift”, she was trained in martial arts. For a complete novice, she was far from being bad. Her agility had been enhanced by years of dancing. Fighting was a lot like dance, actually, only more dangerous. She couldn’t fight a trained soldier, of course, not yet, but combined with her gift, it was pretty impressive.

“That’s good, very good. So… it’s quite unusual to discover your powers at your age. Did something… triggered it ?”


It was four months ago exactly, she remembered very well.


“You sure about that ?” Caroline asked, but she knew the answer already.

“Come on, my parents aren’t here, it’s gonna be great.”

Emily had never been the leading element of their relationship, but this week, she seemed very eager to do it. And to be honest, it was impossible for Caroline to say no to such a smile. They knew each other for years now, they weren’t the best friends in the world, but they had been pretty close. Things changed after Caroline’s 14 birthday, she had… different feelings – a huge crush actually – for her friend. For a year, it had eaten her, she wouldn’t dare talk to her again. Finally, when it became too much, she decided to confess, well… actually, she just talked to her about her… preferences. Emily understood immediately, she had always been too smart for her own good. The best part was of course that she said yes once she forced Caroline to confess entirely.

Since then – and it has only been three weeks – they were spending a lot more times together. Kissing in the dark alleys when nobody was watching, cuddling in the changing room when they were alone. Caroline had already been invited to her house, but it was before. Today, she knew it meant something different.

They talked the whole way, about anything and nothing, it was just chatting, but as soon as they were home. She captured her lips for a kiss. Emily went for it of course, forced to rise on the tip of her toes to wrap her arms around her girlfriend’s neck. They moved like this to her room, glued to each other as the kisses became more and more passionate. Maybe it was too soon, maybe they could have waited a few more weeks, or months, but now it didn’t matter much.

The door opened easily and they entered both at the same time. Caroline shivered as she felt hands under her shirt, she did the same, caressing her girlfriend’s back. She felt so hot, like she had a fever. Both were febrile and hesitant, but their looks crossed and they knew.

Caroline took the initiative, pinning the other girl against the wall and kissing her again. Her lips quickly let go of hers, as her neck was discovered. She went for it, kissing her delicate skin again and again, while her fingers tried to unhook her bra. Her own clothes started to feel loose against her, like she wanted to take them off too.

“Hum… Caroline ?”

She sounded worried. Had she done something bad ? What happened ? She retreated her head, worried too.

“What, did I push you too hard ? Did I hurt you ?”

Emily was frowning, looking down at her.

“No, but… are you lifting me up or something ?”

What ? No. Of course not, what would she … ?

That’s when Caroline noticed.

Why could she even kiss her neck without bending her head absurdly. She was supposed to be a head taller than her friend. Why was she looking at her neck right now ?

She took a step back, panicking. They both looked at her arms, where her shirt seemed to become bigger, but it wasn’t the shirt and they both knew that.

“What the hell ? What is happening ? Why am I .. ?”

It went worse and they started screaming.


This day, she shrunk to half her size. One of most terrifying experience of her life. If Emily hadn’t been so quick to call an ambulance – and to calm her – that could have been much, much worse.

“… Hm. No, nothing special. I was just… you know, chilling at a friend’s house. Chilling and watching Netflix.”

The doctor looked disappointed for a moment, then he simply nodded.

“Alright, well, the metas are still a mystery anyway. You learned to master your gift pretty quick, as it seems.”

Yeah, once she understood the concept, it was pretty easy to control her shrinking. The difficult part had always been to go back at her original size after that. Now, she could be as little as an ant, which defied almost every law of biology about mammals. The best was, at that size, she was incredibly strong and fast. Because of her small weight, she could make the most impressive jump and punch with even more strength than when she was normal. There were problems, notably when there was wind, she was too light.

“But what about your growing ?”

Oh. That was a harder question.

“Well. I’m trying doc, really, but it’s a lot harder. I can go to… 4 meters, maybe 4 and a half.” (13 feet to 14”9’ I think)

Only a week after they explained her gift to her, they started to talk about doing the opposite. But it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Shrinking was easy and quick, growing was a pain in the ass. Though, many encouraged her in this way, her strength seemed to grow with her size, which could prove very useful if she could grow at immense size.

“It’s ok, Ms. Garrand. I’ve also read that you were quite good with English, right ?”

“Yeah, I was supposed to go in the U.S next year, for half a year anyway.”

“So… I’m probably not the first one to talk to you about the Tyler Jacobson academy ?”

No, he wasn’t. Not at all actually. It’s been two months now that she knew she’ll probably go there soon enough.

“Believe me, if we could keep you here, with us, we would. But clearly, this academy has the most impressive environment when it comes to educating persons in your… situation. Did you talk to your parents about it ?”

“Yes.” She nodded. “They aren’t the most happy, but… they know it’s needed.”

“Alright, do you agree too ?”

“Do I have a choice ?”

Maybe she sounded a little too unsure as she asked that, because he seemed worried.

“Ms. Garrand.” He said, slowly. “The most important thing to all of us is that you understand that it’s the best solution. And I guarantee you, it’s the best. I know you’re doubting and I understand, but… There are schools and project of schools both in France and Europe, but as of now, I strongly believe that it is the best for you to…”

“It’s ok. I’ll go.”

She had already agreed earlier, even if still unsure. Her parents had packed her things, she even said goodbye to everyone she knew, it’s not like she had a lot of choice anyway. Emily promised to keep contact with Skype and everything but they knew it was probably the end of their relationship as of now.

They stared at each other for some time before he finally smiled again.

“I’m glad, Caroline. But before that, my department and I have a gift for you.”

A gift ? The young girl raised her head, curious, as he stood up to open the door and pull inside a coat hanger. Something was hanging on it, a suit. Adapted for the whole body, it was made of a dark-red fabric, with protection on the knees, ankles and shoulders, as well as a belt. From what she saw, it was tight.

“Is that… is that latex ?”

“Not really,” he explained with a proud smile. “It’s a composite that allows you to…”

“I’m gonna look like a fucking dominatrix or something ! I’m only 15 !”

He looked at her, his eyes widening. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to know that kind of word at her age.

“Well… the point of this suit is… it shrink with you and grows with you, no matter the size. That’s why it’s so tight. We added a few protection plates on your chest and shoulders, and we sent instructions if you want to customize it later. You can also wear that under your clothes if you wish, so that you can use your powers at any time without problem.”

She blushed, her reaction had been too quick and stupid, that was an amazing gift, which probably required a lot of work. Caroline bowed slightly her head.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. It is a… very nice gift. Thank you, Sir. And, uh… I like the red too.”

He looked reassured, she had been very stupid to react like that. Slowly, he returned to his site and took a few papers before handing them to her.

“This is all you need to know about the Academy. You’ll probably be assigned to the Sentinels at first, but if you start to develop your abilities to grow… well you might become a Valiant. But anyway, you’ll be an amazing infiltrator, I’m sure.”

He rises on her feet and she did the same, they were both smiling now.

“Thank you, Sir. I’ll do my best.”

Powers: She has the ability to shrink and grow (not that much for now) at will. This clearly tied to her feelings but she’s learning to keep that from happening whenever she’s angry or anything. Even at a puny size, she keep her strength and can use that to surprise an opponent quite easily. For now, she essentially learned to use that as a way to dodge during close combat and will probably use it for infiltration sooner or later.
Her growing powers aren’t as strong and she’s really reluctant to use them, because she’s afraid her strength will remain the same, which would make being bigger completely useless and dangerous for her. Her maximum as of now is 4.5 meters. (14”9’)

Personality: Before anything, Caroline is an extremely social person. Growing up, she never experienced any problem making friend wherever she goes. School, neighborhood, dance club, music club, she made friends in every sphere she encounters. That’s probably from the fact she’s always eager to know someone and is usually very nice and respectful or people she doesn’t know yet. You’ll have to be extremely rude to her if you want her to not even try approaching you. That might be a problem for her in a completely new environment with not a single person she knows already, especially after the discovery of her powers. She’s very curious about the person she can meet at Tyler Jacobson and the different powers, since she wasn’t very informed about the meta world before that.

Also because of that, she had never been the most assiduous person and since she has no special abilities tied to her memory or intelligence, she was simply okay at school. Usually, she ended up rushing through her lessons at the last minute to have at least the grade she needed to pass. Until now, she succeeded every time. Before taking the plane, she promised herself to do better at the Academy, but considering she only had a few months of basic training, she knows she’ll be late compared to other students.

Despite her naturally joyful nature, she’s quite afraid of her sudden change and rely heavily on her brother, the few friends that kept contact, and her parents, to remain “okay”.
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