Trophy List and Ranks

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Trophy List and Ranks

Post by TheMootking on Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:06 am

Here, you can find a list of the trophies we have on the forum and lists of which people have earned them. Below, you can find a leaderboard to tally your score against other Souls. Earning trophies earns you an extra lump sum of points, which you will also be earning passively by posting and making threads.

Bronze Trophies - 10 points

Welcome To The Forum!
Have your first Facet approved by the admins.

Grimm, MegaChess-a-Tron, Caroline G., Jimmy Cohen, Mizo, Pearce, Tsundere-chan, F1Krazy

Multiple Personality Disorder
Have 3 separate Facets.

Jimmy Cohen

New Friends
Complete your first thread.

Grimm, Caroline G., MegaChess-a-Tron, Jimmy Cohen

Doing Your Bit
Find a job.

What Goes Around...
Complete a thread in at least 10 different locations across The Multiverse.

One-Minute Wonder
Create a Facet in The Void.

Silver Trophies - 50 points

Seize The Opportunity!
Take part in an event.

The Other You
Create another version of a Universe PRIME Facet on Universe POWER, or another World in The Void, or vice versa.

Caroline G., Pearce

Comes Around.
Complete a thread in at least 20 different locations across The Multiverse.

I’ll Be Back...
Lose a Facet to the mists of The Void.

Gold Trophy - 100 points

Young Love
Begin a romantic relationship with another Facet.

Climbing The Staircase Of Life
Complete a full school year, from September to June.

Tony Stark Would Be Proud
Complete your first Facet arc (a Facet arc is a storyline with a clear beginning and ending, and must last for at least 4 threads).

I Told You!
Continue a Facet once a world returns from the mist,

Platinum Trophies - 250 points

The Missing Page
Collect every single trophy, excluding “A New-New Generation”.

A New-New Generation
Recreate a character from KS:NewGen.

Grimm, Megachess-a-Tron, F1Krazy, Mizo, Jimmy Cohen, Tsundere-chan

Forum Addict
Write 1000 posts.

The New Generation
Start as a freshman and graduate from high school in 3 years in either Universe PRIME or POWERS.

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