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World:World Prime
Name: James Richard Haliburton. Often addressed as "Mr haliburton" or "Hair of the Haliburton family" when in meetings out of respect, sometimes as a tease because of his rather young age. Prefers James over Richard when talking to acquaintances on a first name basis. Sometimes denies his second name of Richard. Always signs his documents and papers with JRHaliburton in a Gentium Basic and italic style.
Age: 16
Position: 10th grader, was home-schooled till 9th grade.
facial features:
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Has a rather tender face, which often makes people missread him. As he is often mistaken for a handsome man, his gaze is almost always rebellious. If he is mistaken for a handsome man when he is not trying to exactly evoke that feeling, he will always respond with a snarky reply and change his gaze quickly, mostly looking rather angry. His nose is small and his lips are full. His Face all in all however is rather slim. His hair is long enough to fly in the wind, however it is almost always reinforced with hair wax to make sure it looks a little messy.
When he is in meetings, on a date or just casually roams the city, he is always wearing a Hat. He prefers German and French vintage hats, such as this one.
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He always keeps one in his schoolbag, however he usually not wearing it during school, not even during the breaks.

With 1 meter and 88 centimeter, he is on the tall side, because of his disability however, he looks half a head smaller then he is if he could stand tall. During meetings, he is always wearing a suit with gloves, however outside of meetings he is always wearing Jeans and black or white shirts. He would prefer to wear a Suit all the time, because they are " Comfortable once you get used to them, more then any other piece of clothing." He detests school uniforms, but finds himself always looking twice at the female's wearing said uniform if the condition is met that they are also wearing tight highs. Motto T-Shirts are, in his opinion, always stupid. Expecilly because most of them nowadays seem to attack his Nobility with such weird mottos such as: "The top 1% should be paying the poor." In his words: "I can seriously not believe people are wearing that seriously. I am a rich noble, but do you really just for one second think i have it that much easier? All those people do is preaching how money isnt everything on the internet and then they come up to my face to complain about me being born into a rich family? They dont understasnd how much of our money goes into creating fair work spaces, making people happy and donations, as a matter of fact, i am afraid any of those 3 categories outwheight whatever they pay for food on a decade basis almost in a month.".

His left leg is heavily scarred, his right leg is almost fine.

When James first set foot on this world, his parents were almost surprised as it was wrongly predicted to be a girl. Much to the delight of the father however, they later found out that his Wife could no longer bear childs. Henceforth he is the only possible heir to his family's riches and positions of power. His parents are still very young comparably, since he was born when both of them where 25. A little bit of a dispute caused a Double name, as his Mother really wanted to call him either Richárd or Robin, since she had roots in Quebec, however his father, who had his roots in the UK part of Canadia, wanted to call him James. They later decided on James Richard, with an English pronounced Richard instead of a french pronounced Richard.

Funnily enough, albeit their high status, they tried from the very beginning to keep James grounded, by showing him how other, poorer people life, and replacing some of his maids and butlers with country side personnel. Absolutely amazed by his upbringing, James was a strong believer of equality, even though he was not yet aware of it. Although school should start with 6, his parents already tested and trained him when he was 3, as they knew he would need to be very smart to compensate for the fact that he wont be visiting school a lot. He excelled at logical thinking and mathematics, his French and English was okay, but his geography was never a strong point. A Very typical behavior for kids however, is to simply dislike things they just gotta learn, and like things that feel rewarding upon figuring it out, all in all , he was a fairly standard boy when it came to his behavior.

Due his affinity with the country side part of his stuff, the event he looked forward the most in his younger years was elementary school. Which for the first year should go without problems. The school itself tried to not let parents meet each other so they could not influence the friendship their Child are forming. However after some rather unfortunate incidents, this new method of teaching had to be dismissed just when the 3th grade started. It was then when James got his first taste of his life as a noble. The first Teacher Parent round table was weird, because James parents where out of place there, and where wondering why exactly he would visit a state elementary school. Upon identification of the Haliburton branch, one pair of parents spoke up and outright insulted his parents for a reason that would not make sense to James himself. Apparently, he used to own a small restaurant which was later driven out of town because their costumers rather visited a newer Restaurant, owned by the Haliburton food group. It was then revealed that in Canada, The Haliburton group itself owns a chain of Cafés, Bars, Quality Fastfood snack bars, restaurants for the poor and even restaurants for the very rich - basically, you name it. They also start to expand both to Europe and Asia with mixed results. After that revelation, the small restaurant owner threw a hissy fit and demanded them to be removed immediately, reasoning that they destroyed his life. James inherited 2 things from his father, his wits, and his snarkyness, because it was him who responded "Maybe your foot just wasn't any good. I mean, you sold it for more money and it had less quality then our poor mans menu. Cooking is an art you gotta learn, like me. Try again if you can.". In order to defuse the situation, it was the Teacher himself who asked for both Haliburtons to stay, just to avoid further damage after that little argument they had. But the damage was done, and secretly, James Father already knew that he had to prepare his wits because what is going to happen will challenge his son for the first time.

And he was right, because only a day later over half the school started Picking on James already, especially older, larger students. James, who was not trained in any martial arts and all in all was rather slim and small, had no much resistance to offer. They did not beat him up, but they tried to "convince" him to never come to school again. It was then when James first , albeit unconsciously, abused the fact that those people are greedy. He offered all of the kids a large chunk of money, which for him was mere pocket money. 50 dollar a week per person, for 2 brothers? Sounds like a fair deal if everyone pretends to still like him. Albeit pure in his intentions, obviously he didn't read into the larger picture. After only 2 months, his Father figured out what was going on, and he knew for a fact that James giving those thugs money, who apparently where sons of the Restaurant owner his existence so offended, was only playing in his favor.
He instantly sued the brother's father for mental cruelty, arguing that ever since they met at that fateful day on the parent teacher conversation, his son would be forced to pay money to his family. James was asked to stay out of it, because his parents have not yet teached him what lies are, however James was absolutely impressed by the wits his father used to win the argumentation, so he stayed out on his own behalf. The way more expensive and trained attorney had no problem using the evidence at hand, that is James asking for money to give it to the thugs, and the whole parent-teacher discussion witnessing how sharky the ex restaurant owner was, to form an argument of greed on the cost of a small child. The sentence spoken was not severe but it put out a message. It was only 3 months of jail time for the father and 1000 dollar in smart money, which James father later wired back because he does not need small change.

The significant part however was noteworthy when James was told that he could no longer attend public school. He asked for a last week, which he got. Because of what his father did however, everyone was more then mean to him, resulting in James snapping and developing a apathy for his former affinity. It only took a week to make him regret ever thinking of poor people as equals.
He was home schooled in his 4th to 9th grade, in which nothing much happened. When he was in 6th grade, he started to go on meetings too, so he could learn to be the jack of all trades he was expected to grow into. In 8th grade, he scored his first deal, albeit not being legally allowed to sign the contract, he discussed on his father behalf for every single clause in it. He was not only a born liar, but also witty. And snarky. His parents wanted to force him to learn the Organ, however he always disliked it and secretly learned the violin from his favorite Butler, Mr Jenkinson, who used to be a professional violin teacher. He was also supposed to do sport, which later was his downfall.

He decided himself that fencing would be the sport rich people should do, he will no longer want to participate in lowly activity, such as football or tennis, when there are exclusive things like golf and fencing around. His desire to be good and tournament ready for fencing, ever since the 7th grade, later proved to be his downfall in 9th grade.

Between those 2 years, James figured 2 things out. First of all, Woman's are nice. Secondly, if you treat them nice they smile like angels. It really did satisfy him to be nice to his maids, especially the younger ones. His staff was almost entirely purged and , except for Mr jenkinson, was now only dedicated, rich, payed staff. Although he was only 14 years old, inside his mansion he was often already considered a Womanizer, which obviously was always an overstatement, but he always did treat his female staff nice. When asked why, his response was rather simple. "You smile.I like it. That is why. Ill be frank, i don't care why you smile,but as long as you do, ill like it. So lets say i serve you tea for a change, and you would smile, i did not serve you tea for any other reason but that smile. Somehow it makes me feel good, it strokes my ego, it makes me feel at peace. But don't expect a raise if you promise me to smile more. Everything can be bought with money - except for smiles."

For all it is worth, James could have made it far in when it comes to fencing in the big league, so 1 week before he graduated his 9th time, he traveled in the age of 15 , to his first major Tournament, Everything was set for him to shine. His local turnaments and leagues where dominated by him. This day, one thing should change however, James should finally be able to go back to an real, school. Although not being pumped about this, the reason he was not pumped about it wasn't that he had to meet other poor people again but the circumstance in which he would visit it.

Somewhere on a long road with some curves, a drunk Canadian truck driver decided it would be a nice idea to not step on his breaks . Small cars, after all, could easily be knocked off the road. And so it happened, that this certain truck decided to drive full force into James his car, driven by Mr Jenkinson. He was caught between the wall and the truck, and died almost on spot, but there was no time for James to mourn his dead, he himself blacked out, and was bleeding heavily. For a whole week he was comatose, nobody knew if he would ever wake up. But he did. A miracle, only his bones broke and only his left leg was completely shattered. However upon further investigation, the doctors realized that not only the bones did shatter, but also glass flew through the tendons, effectively killing of every nerve and muscle in the leg. It was James his call to take it off, but since the doctor said it could potentially heal, he decided not to. The price? A Large one. The doctor expressively said that the leg will be numb for at least 10 years,it will take serious medication and training to make it function again, and even then, it will be mostly numb, it will just be as responsive as before. Also, in his right leg, the tendons of his feet where also almost cut through, creating a similar but guaranteed healing effect. It will take less medication and practice and less time for the right leg to heal.

The crash caused long therm Anemia. It can be healed, but nobody knows when. For a fact, however, James know he is gonna pass out if over exerting himself, and he is going to have a headache every so often, feel dizzy or just enter the same state a drunk guy would be in after drinking to much vodka.

The only way for him to move is with clutches, it is not completely impossible to move without, however it is excerting his body to his breaking point in just a few seconds, because of dual legged numbness and completely destroyed muscular structure , he will look like this when he tries to walk without them:
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(mootking said its fine to show it with a picture)

A last very major change was a direct change in personality, losing his Violin mentor Mr Jenkinson without being able to say goodbye to the old man, hurted James more then he would like to admit. However it was later revealed that Mr Jenkinson hid his terminal cancer from him. He lied when he said he would be fine, and that left James really sad. He himself stopped considering himself a liar because of that, however he was born with a strong ego and this personality trait, he decided to later refute that statement and say "I Am a liar no more, but i am still a witty, manipulative, charismatic guy who likes to hide the truth behind nice sounding words to make sure i get my bidding's.".

He at first wanted to be home schooled again, but then his Parents found out about a school extra for disabled kids, like James, or worse, witch was located close to a country side home the family had plenty off. They confronted James with the idea to life alone with a million dollar each month and a butler or maid of his choice when he wants to visit the school. James his ego was shattered to a certain extend, and the loss of his legs was not really helping considering how he hates wheelchairs. His inability to move even with crotches frustrated him. He was still able to carry plates with only one crotch, but still he would have preferred to have both hands to his disposal while he is walking. So he took his favorite Maid and went off to a large adventure. The house was sized enough for 2 person, even a 3th or 4th if everything else would fail, or he has the desire to move in more stuff or staff.
He loves to play the devils advocate, he is always the anti in the argumentation, simply because "if nobody is protecting the side of those who are clearly wrong how can you be certain of your own convinced attitude? If i can argue the side of who clearly is in the wrong better then you can argue the side of those who are clearly right, maybe it would be time to change certain outlooks of your life.".
Another thing that he took from his old life, was his affinity to make sure the female population smiles. there is no larger ego boost then being able to make them smile. Even though this is the case, this is also mostly his only intention, in 90% of the cases he is indifferent or has a negative affinity in general, when it comes tohow he actually sees a person.
Lately, since one of the few "friends" in form of mr jenkinson passed, he decided that he would be lonely, and he would really like to change that, however he wants to find a good friend or a best female friend under the condition that they can life with what he truely is, he will not compromise, as he wants to be seen as he is, because he also treats other people as they are. Honesty is key.
His snarkyness never faded off, if you get on his nerves, you may or may not recieve a snarky comment in return, and this could hurt more then it should. He takes no leaf infront of his mouth when it comes to that. In most of those cases he does not feel like he would want to hurt the person but when he does it, he accepts it as his mistakes. he can say sorry, but he rarely does. And sometimes he even knows for a fact that he sould be saying sorry but thinks that the timing is wrong and only mentions it. "I really would love to apologize for what happened earlier, but this is the wrong time and date. Expect it." is a sentence he has often said before. This makes him more of a smug then he things he wants to be.
He does not show his emotions easily, and mostly he is staying pretty neutral about them anyway. If he is sad, however, you can see the sadness in his face, he will however not talk about it unless you can guess out of the blue why he is sad.
He only ever lets of steam if he gets into a fight.
He is passionate about music, and he hates to be in the wrong.
He will argue his point to the death, if he is losing the argument he will try the Spin and rehearse approach, where he tries to spin around the reasons of why he is wrong.
He is very bad with emotions, and very bad at reading people, he either reads wrong or he does not even try. However, he is very ambitious at trying in the first place.

He is very emotionally unstable, and his mood can swing randomly from "very good" to "i hope you all die" in a mere moment for no reason.
James Richard Haliburton
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