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Jimmy Cohen:
NAME: James 'Jimmy' Cohen

NICKNAME(S): 'Jimmy', 'Jim’

AGE: 14


DATE OF BIRTH: 11th October 2000


APPEARANCE: Jimmy's head is host to a mess of sandy blonde hair that often obscures his green eyes. He is 5'11" with a muscular and athletic figure from engaging in long-distance running and tanned, almost golden skin. A lot of this comes from his upbringing in Australia and his Mexican roots. Since first appearing, he always wears a black hoodie over his uniform, unzipped but with the hood up. The sleeves of the shirt for his uniform are always rolled up to his elbows, showing his forearms and he wears the skinny black tie of his uniform longer than most. When he is not in school uniform, Jimmy usually wears loose T-shirts for one of the many punk or rock bands he enjoys and baggy, usually faded jeans, either dark blue or gray. He wears either colorful or toned down clothing simply depending on his mood that day. He sometimes wears the white and blue shirt for the first soccer team his father played for (Melbourne City FC) with the number 38 and his surname on the back. This is the only connection to his biological father that Jimmy ever shows.

BACKSTORY: Born in Melbourne, Australia to a dysfunctional family of an overbearing Mexican mother, Ana, and the once-great Australian soccer player, Ray 'The Rocket' Cohen, for a father on the 11th of October 2000. Jimmy grew up in a bilingual household, often switching between Spanish and English throughout conversations with his parents. Once Jimmy reached the age of 6, his parents got divorced. His mother struggled to raise him on her own for 4 years until she could no longer afford to pay the rent on the small flat they were living in. After spending the next few months saving all they could, Jimmy and his mother moved to live with his grandparents in Atlanta, Georgia. There, he was glad to find a new start, no longer judged for his lack of possessions as his mother quickly found work, and shortly afterwards, new love.

Jimmy was never particularly close to his father. Ray Cohen was focused more on his career than anything else, making his family come second to his love of sport. While this meant that Ray never ended up with a failed career, he let his greed get the better of him and likely fathered children to a few other women outside of Melbourne. He eventually became attached to an Australian model and left his wife and son to start a new life with her. Jimmy has very mixed emotions towards his father, both resenting and loving the man in almost equal parts. On the few occasions Ray was around he was a loving and attentive father, but Jimmy knows his father was a distant and unfeeling husband despite these fond memories. Ana later told Jimmy that she and his father had only been together for 4 months before she became pregnant, and that he had never truly been ready for marriage. Jimmy struggles to stay objective about this fact, as he now understands the strain that such a situation would have put on his father, but still feels like he knows very little about Ray. Ana never likes to discuss Ray around her son, which leaves Jimmy feeling as though the father he remembers and the father he hears of are completely different.  

Jimmy's mother remarried 2 years later to a gruff businessman named Rick Jensen. Jimmy connected better with Rick than his own father, as Rick never went out of his way to either connect with or avoid Jimmy, simply allowing him to open up and connect at his own pace. Rick is a mature and thoughtful man and is very good at reading emotions and social cues, making him very easy to get along with despite his somewhat hardened and intimidating exterior.

Rick also has a daughter of his own from a previous marriage, Akira Jensen. The age gap between Jimmy and his stepsister makes him younger by just a few months. Unlike most cases of remarriage, Jimmy actually gets on well with both his stepfather and stepsister. He often thinks of Akira as more like a biological sister than a stepsister, the two get on well and they often bicker like any other siblings would. Akira is an extremely energetic and positive person with a great sense of humor and a passion for life that Jimmy envies.

Jimmy studied in Atlanta for a few years, meeting his first girlfriend, Jenni there. Jenni was a soft spoken and graceful young woman, who gave off the air of a lady far more mature than her age. She was an extremely talented ballet dancer and Jimmy would show up to her school performances without fail, always sitting in the front row. His long-term relationship with Jenni brought him a clarity and happiness Jimmy had never experienced before. Jimmy was quite popular at school, getting on with many of his fellow students. He fitted in best with the jocks at school due to his sportiness and laidback attitude to his studies. He lived and studied happily until a tragedy befell him.

Jimmy collapsed in the middle of a lesson unexpectedly. When he awoke in hospital, he was told that he had suffered an aneurysm rupture, a swollen blood vessel in the brain burst, and Jimmy had incurred some brain damage as a result. The damage manifested itself not as a detriment to his intelligence, but to his memory. Specifically, his long-term and visual memory. Jimmy cannot remember the last 3 years of his life. He forgot about his girlfriend, his friends and most shockingly, his own family. This put a huge strain on Jimmy's personal relationships, his love for Jenni became apathy and confusion, eventually driving the two to break up. The relationship on good terms, the two having agreed that forcing a connection that was no longer there wouldn't work well for either party. He had no recollection of time with his friends and family, straining his relationships with his them to their very limits. His mother and step-father are now distant with Jimmy in spite of both sides trying to recreate some sort of family connection. He and his mother used to be incredibly close, and he had just started to really warm to Rick before his aneurysm, but now his brain damage has set that progress back to square one. His friends lament the loss of Jimmy from their group, but he struggled to fit in with his former friends after the aneurysm, and they tried to understand his need for a new start. The only person he's managed to rebuild a connection with is his step-sister Akira, as she was the only one who was both determined and stubborn enough to get to know Jimmy again.

He can no longer visualise objects mentally without them being directly in his line of sight. This includes people, meaning that Jimmy struggles to recognise new faces, even after meeting them on multiple occasions. Until he sees them regularly and frequently enough to imprint the visual of them in his damaged long-term memory. Doctors believe that Jimmy may be able to restore some of his lost memory functionality, as it is not uncommon in cases such as this, but damage he has already sustained could last forever, even with therapy and brain training to gain as much function back as possible. The truth is that he will never quite have the visual memory function that he once had, and scans showed high risks of another aneurysm developing in his brain and rupturing, potentially causing further damage. As such, he reports to the local hospital for scans to stay up to date with the state of potentially rupturing aneurysms twice a month, and have any non-ruptured swellings treated. While another ruptured aneurysm isn't guaranteed to be fatal for Jimmy, it is certainly possible that another one could indeed kill him.

When Jimmy first heard about Tachibana Academy, he eagerly leapt at the opportunity, no longer wanting to stay in Atlanta. To Jimmy, the fact that they could adequately care for him  was just a bonus to fresh start which he so desparately wanted. While Jimmy was in the hospital, his neurotic mother paid for him to be tutored to keep up with his education. The tutor already taught him most of the content being covered in his classes in his current year, so his attendance in classes is sketchy at best, only showing up when he feels like there's a gap in his knowledge or if he wants to socialize with classmates that are better known for actually getting work done.

PERSONALITY: Jimmy comes off as friendly and laidback, speaking openly about every aspect of his life and his medical condition even to total strangers, provided they ask of course.

His optimism can seem forced at times, because as he opens up to those he considers friends, he exposes a darker and more introspective side to his personality. Jimmy will sometimes "space out" as he says, often just staring into the distance and thinking about both everything and nothing in particular. He loves going outside and walking around or laying on the grass. He has tried to find some more relaxed hobbies, but hasn't really settled on anything in particular. He most simply enjoys walking around and listening to music. He has a passion mostly for rock, metal, punk, and ambient electronic music. He tries out board games and other potential hobbies with anyone willing to let him join them, but he hasn't set his passion on a particular one just yet. The things he engages in during his spare time are mostly related to sports, opting to work out in the gym, play basketball and baseball, or go on long-distance runs. He used to play guitar, but the damage to his visual memory has severely impaired his ability to play as he can no longer memorise sheet music. Any pieces he learns are entirely due to muscle memory from constant and frequent repetition.

He enjoys 'bending' the rules of the school a little, occasionally sneaking alcohol into his dorm and as previously stated, often skipping class. He still has a respect for the teachers and other staff at Tachibana Academy, but he prefers to do as he pleases than to listen to every small rule they enforce. He is a naturally rebellious spirit. Jimmy also has a good sense of humor and tries to be easy to get along with from the beginning, knowing the importance of a good first impression. He has a habit of slipping back into speaking Spanish during conversation due to the sporadic nature of his bilingual household as a child, but is usually quick to correct himself. His Australian accent is very strong, but it has been mixed with elements of a Mexican accent picked up from his mother and grandparents, and a typically Southern Atlanta drawl. This means that people can often tell that he is foreign, but find it rather difficult to place his accent. Jimmy is also extremely casual in speech and has a tendency to use foul language quite often, so more uptight or formal individuals may not get on so well with him. Overall, Jimmy is a fun-loving and laidback student who tries to stay positive and friendly in spite of the problems he has to face, although his mind has a tendency to wander when he is troubled, and he can sometimes be very aloof or unobservant. He also has a bad habit of bottling up, suppressing or ignoring his own feelings, which places a lot of pressure on him, and given his mother's own struggles with her mental health, he can be prone to anxiety when he's under pressure.


Josh Kennedy:

Jimmy Cohen wrote:World: POWERS
Name: Josh Kennedy
Date of Birth: 14th July 2000
Age: 15
Position: Student at Tyler Jacobson Academy
Class: Centurion
Appearance: Josh is 6'2" tall and extremely skinny. He has long, black hair that reaches a few inches past his shoulders, very pale skin and grey eyes. He almost always wears black long-sleeved shirts with from obscure metal bands, washed-out jeans and skate shoes. On more formal occasions, he will wear a white button-down shirt, a black skinny tie and dark blue chinos.
Backstory: Born as Josh Warren to a very poor family in Detroit, Michigan, his father resorted to dealing drugs while his mother went between many minimum wage jobs, struggling to make ends meet. At the age of 3, Josh was incorrectly diagnosed as schizophrenic due to his reporting of hearing voices in his head at all times. Treatments for Josh's 'schizophrenia' were very expensive and had absolutely no effect on the voices he heard. He was outed as a meta-human at the age of 5 - almost two years before the first publicized meta-human cases - when, at a birthday party of someone at his school, he began telepathically moving small objects such as his drink to himself, hardly aware of what he had done. The teenage brother of one of the children recorded video of Josh's telekinesis and uploaded it to the Internet. It went viral within a week, with most viewers considering it a hoax, albeit a pretty awesome looking one. This video took the attention of the United States military, however, and they investigated the source, tracing it back to Josh and his family. A military researcher, Lyra Kennedy, visited Josh and his family under the guise of a psychologist who wished to help Josh in his struggle with 'schizophrenia'. After seeing Josh openly using his telekinesis in her presence, she had all the information she needed to confirm his status as a meta-human. The following day, a strike team took Josh away from his family and to a remote base in Nevada. His parents were paid-off handsomely to keep quiet about the situation, and so they obliged. All proof of Josh's existence was either destroyed or taken back to the base. Upon arrival, Josh was placed in living quarters that were closer to a cell which he was not allowed to leave unless accompanied by three armed guards at the request of scientists who sought to carry out tests. The military wished to find the source of meta-humans' powers and replicate it in their own forces in something they called the Human Enhancement Project. Lyra was the only kind and merciful staff member, making sure all eight of the metas stored in the base were being treated properly under her shifts. They were all identified only by their first names. Other than Josh and Clara, who had the abilities of flight and healing, there was Annie, whose powers were unknown, Alex, who had an enhanced speed, Mark, who had the ability to temporarily stop time, Lexi, with powers of enhanced strength, David, who had powers of pyromancy, and Katherine, who had the ability to create psionic blasts. Josh only ever had interactions with Clara and Annie, as they were in the cells either side of his. The other researchers and soldiers treated them like sub-humans, beating them, teasing them, torturing them, and refusing to provide even the slightest amount of comfort. They were fed only once a day, and given a limit of two glasses of water per day. The metas got by from the kindness of Clara, a meta who had parents in the military who had helped to initiate this program in the first place. She had been extended certain privileges and freedoms that the others weren't, allowed to roam the base freely, so long as she stayed confined to the heavily guarded and protected underground area where she and all other metas were being housed. As the experiments continued, Lyra's guilt came to a head. She quit her position as head researcher and left the base for good. At this point, the metas made multiple attempts to escape. In the first, the most spontaneous and least successful of all the attempts, Josh was about to be cut into by a doctor wielding a scalpel, he used his mind control power to instruct said doctor to stab the guard at the door. The doctor obliged and Josh made a run for it, before he could get to the control room to open the cells of the other metas, he was knocked out by a hit from the stock of a rifle of one of the guards. The other metas never even learned of this attempt. On a second occasion, Clara utilized her proximity to some of the guards to ascertain exactly when the shifts switched, finding that there was a very small window of opportunity in which she could infiltrate the control room whilst invisible. Clara was caught mid-way through opening the cells, with Lexi, David, Mark and Alex set free. The four tried to escape with the use of their powers, but they were executed immediately. Clara was left to punish herself by struggling with her own guilt. In the third and final attempt, Katherine found that her psionic blasts could destroy some of the wall of her living quarters and fired upon the same area of everyone else's. Katherine then tried to unleash a powerful blast of energy to blow the doors off, but the alarm was raised and the four were moved into new cells reinforced with eight inches of steel. The mistreatment of the test subjects continued for years before the Meta-Humans Rights Act of 2011 passed through Congress, with Lyra herself being one of the main driving forces behind it, speaking openly about what she had witnessed in Nevada, and calling for the freedom of the meta-humans stored in the facility, given that all global experiments on the metas had proven completely fruitless. The following night, a group of militant activists stormed the base. Josh and his fellow metas used their powers in an attempt to gain freedom, but only Josh and Clara managed to get out of the chaotic skirmish alive. Josh and Clara found Lyra, who legally adopted the two and tried to raise them herself. From that point on, Lyra essentially became Josh's mother, and Clara his sister. However, Josh was severely mentally damaged by their horrific treatment in the Nevada military base, and Lyra feared his mental instability, or that he might use his powers with ill intentions. So, upon the announcement of the Tyler Jacobson Academy, both he and Clara were enrolled immediately in the hopes that Josh could learn to be something akin to a real-life superhero as opposed to a real-life super-villain. Clara joined him to provide support, learn more about her own powers, make friends and protect Josh, taking extra care in ensuring he didn't tip over the edge into going rogue.
Powers: Josh is a powerful psychic with the ability to read minds and move objects. He has rudimentary mind control powers too. Those being that he can suggest an idea or concept to an individual's mind. However, he has no control over how this suggestion or concept manifests itself in the target's mind. It could be a fleeting thought, or it could become a relentless obsession. Also, suggestions that are extremely out of line with how the target would usually act are almost completely ineffective in most cases. His main weaknesses are that he is physically weak, and that he has very little control over his psychic powers, receiving the information from reading minds as a constant flood of voices in his head, each sounding like the person they represent. To use his power of control, he has to single out the voice of the target and focus on it, until it becomes the more dominant voice in the maddening din of chaotic thoughts. This is also somewhat necessary to read one mind properly. Josh's telekinesis gives him the ability to lift or move relatively large objects without fatiguing him in any way; he can move non-living objects weighing up to 15kg with no effect on himself. However, he cannot move anything weighing over this limit.
Personality: Josh was always quite the loner, even before his kidnapping, desperately avoiding crowds and groups of people to keep the voices at bay wherever possible. He was always seen as a strange child, because of both his looks and behavior. Josh is a very mentally unstable person since his mistreatment in the military base in Nevada, and his constant struggle with the never-ending stream of voices from his psychic capabilities. He is completely neutral on the whole good vs. evil issue, believing that morality is completely subjective. A significant part of him is bitter and hateful towards the human race as a whole for the way he has been treated, but the knowledge of Lyra's kindness serves to remind him that not all humans are like the ones that tortured and experimented on him. Due to the maddening nature of his psychic powers, Josh prefers to be alone or with the only two people he has any attachment to: Lyra and Clara. In his spare time, he skates or listens to music, having developed a taste for the bleakness and aggression of death metal and black metal. He sometimes uses his telekinesis on his skateboard to pull off impressive tricks that would otherwise be impossible. His powers have revealed to him some of the darkest thoughts ever to emerge from a human mind, so as a method of coping with this, he writes the very best and very worst thoughts he hears in a diary of sorts; dedicating one half to the happy, pleasant, kind thoughts that give him faith in humanity, and the other half to the most vile, hate-filled thoughts he's heard over the course of his lifetime. He hopes that his time in the Tyler Jacobson Academy will teach him more about his powers and how to control them, give him a chance to make friends with more fellow metas than just Clara, and find some sort of mental stability. He desperately wants to expand his life outside of his own comfort zone, but struggles to do so. His psychic capabilities show him a person's true nature, so he will not befriend people who tend to have dark thoughts. His main source of happiness is spending time with Clara, who often gets him in on pranks which utilize his telekinesis and her own invisibility to confuse and startle people for fun. He has no real feelings towards his biological parents, as he was too young to remember anything about them.

Clara Kennedy:

Jimmy Cohen wrote:World: POWERS
Name: Clara Kennedy
Date of Birth: 9th November 2002
Age: 13
Position: Student at Tyler Jacobson Academy
Class: Sentinel
Appearance: Clara is short and slight, with large green eyes and short blonde hair with a fringe that sweeps across her forehead. She loves wearing skirts and pretty much any top she can find. Her clothing choices are always brightly colored, but she's not the best at co-ordinating outfits, throwing together whatever she feels like wearing, which may not always look good as a cohesive whole. She will elect to wear brightly colored dresses for formal events.
Backstory: Born as Clara Walker to a military family in Washington DC, her father was a pilot for the United States Air Force, and her mother was a medic in the Marine Corps. She was discovered as a meta-human at the age of 3 - close to the same time as Josh - when her father accidentally cut himself with a knife whilst cooking dinner. Clara approached the large cut on her father's hand, her hands emitted a sphere of soft blue light, and the wound began to heal. Her parents called upon Lyra Kennedy, knowing that she was a leading military researcher, and helped her kickstart a project for 'human enhancement'. Shortly after this, they discovered Clara's capacity to turn invisible, as she was caught trying to take candy from a kitchen cabinet, becoming visible before she could even take a treat for herself. The clinical nature of her biological parents quickly allowed them to detach from Clara after discovering her powers, seeing her as something inhuman, and clearly not their own. As the Human Enhancement project went forwards, Clara's parents took less interest in their daughter's well-being, eventually allowing for the project to strip her of her identity as with all other metas, but they had a sense of guilt which kept them posted at the Nevada base in which their daughter was being held, yet they refused to ever interact with her, working only above ground. Unknown to the other metas (except for Josh, whose mind reading ability allowed him to learn this information), Clara's background afforded her certain luxuries and privileges that the other test subjects didn't receive. She was given three meals a day and allowed to roam freely around the underground section of the base, where there was a library, mess hall, games room and much more. With all the spare time she had, she actively helped the scientists working on the project to analyze data from the perspective of a meta and consented to giving them demonstrations and samples. She didn't enjoy her time in the base, as she despised how her fellow metas were treated, and while she was seen as sub-human herself, she was treated far better than the others. She used her privileges to treat the other metas when possible, giving them extra food from her spare meals, extra water whenever possible, and gathering intel to help with escape plots by befriending the guards. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't wholly exempt from being tested, although she did recieve quite a lot of mercy in that regard, never fully cut open, always anaesthetised during the more painful procedures, practically treated like a normal young girl being given surgery. Her method of coping with her imprisonment was escapism, launching herself fully into fictional worlds of video games, or reading as much non-fiction as she could to help her gain a clearer picture of the world outside of the desolate military base. The eight metas kept in the facility were all identified only by their first names. Other than Josh and Clara, there was Annie, whose powers were unknown, Alex, who had an enhanced speed, Mark, who had the ability to temporarily stop time, Lexi, with powers of enhanced strength, David, who had powers of pyromancy, and Katherine, who had the ability to create psionic blasts. Clara interacted with all of them frequently. Throughout the duration of their imprisonment, the metas made multiple attempts to escape. On the first occasion (note that Clara was unaware of Josh's solo escape attempt), Clara utilized her proximity to some of the guards to ascertain exactly when the shifts switched, finding that there was a very small window of opportunity in which she could infiltrate the control room whilst invisible. Clara was caught mid-way through opening the cells, with Lexi, David, Mark and Alex set free. The four tried to escape with the use of their powers, but they were executed immediately. Clara was left to punish herself by struggling with her own guilt. In the third and final attempt, Katherine found that her psionic blasts could destroy some of the wall of her living quarters and fired upon the same area of everyone else's. Katherine then tried to unleash a powerful blast of energy to blow the doors off, but the alarm was raised and the four were moved into new cells reinforced with eight inches of steel. The night after the Meta-Humans Rights Act passed, a group of militant activists stormed the base. Clara and her fellow metas used their powers in an attempt to gain freedom, but only she and Josh managed to get out of the chaotic skirmish alive. Clara found her parents dead outside, unable to bring them back, despite using her healing powers on them. Josh and Clara then found Lyra, who legally adopted the two and tried to raise them herself. From that point on, Lyra essentially became Clara's mother, and Josh her brother. However, Josh was severely mentally damaged by his time in the Nevada military base, and Clara was shaken by the death of her parents. Although struggling similarly to Josh for a while, becoming introverted and moody, Lyra's compassionate and loving method of raising Clara, and having the bad example of Josh as a reference to what she was in danger of becoming, Clara focused her energy into re-adjusting and managed to stabilize herself. Lyra still feared the mental instability of Josh though, and so upon the announcement of the Tyler Jacobson Academy, the two children were enrolled immediately in the hopes that they could learn to use their powers to the best of their abilities, and to make sure that they were being used for the right reasons. Clara has been tasked with caring for Josh, and ensuring he doesn't spiral out of control.
Powers: Clara can turn invisible at will. There is no real limit as to how long Clara can stay invisible for, but if she moves, there is a slight shimmering effect from the diffraction of the light passing through her. While it is difficult to notice, a trained eye would know what to look for, and can single it out without too much difficulty. While stationary, though, Clara is impossible to spot, provided that she isn't holding anything. Unfortunately, Clara's clothes and any other external objects don't turn invisible with her. To provide some modesty, the Academy provided her with a suit that can change alongside her as part of her uniform. Although she absolutely despises wearing it for how bland it looks, she recognizes its utility. Still, she only keeps it on when she feels like she has to. She also has strong healing powers, emitting a sphere of glowing blue light from her hand which, when passed over a wound, can heal it fairly quickly. Severe wounds require prolonged exposure to Clara's healing ability, and mortal wounds need to be seen to immediately with the hopes of being partially healed to prevent death of the target. She cannot heal internal injuries.
Personality: In spite of the way she was treated, Clara considers herself to be human, almost out of sheer stubbornness. She argues that she is physically, mentally and biologically human, seeing no reason to think otherwise. Lyra helped her cement this belief for good. Clara is bubbly and fun for the most part, suppressing the dark history of her parents' death and the treatment towards the other metas that she witnessed while held in the Nevada base. Her darker, more introspective side is only brought out by Josh. She is easy to get along with, mischievous and funny, with a passionate love of video games, card games, and board games born out of the many hours she spent in the games room in the military base. She is also highly intelligent, having read a lot of non-fiction from the library on as many subjects as she could comprehend. As such, she became passionate about astrophysics, hoping to explore space as an astronaut some day. She enjoys playing pranks by taking advantage of her own invisibility and Josh's telekinesis. If someone gets on her bad side, however, she will sink as much effort into pranking her enemy as possible in an attempt to make their life hell.

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