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Post by Captain Awesome USMC on Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:39 am

'The Holy Nomad' Sir Scott, of House Veitch
Sir Scott Veitch Humphrey_Conway_Geared

World: World FAYWYN.
Name: 'The Holy Nomad' Sir Scott, of House Veitch, Knight of Jude
Age: 24
Position: Paladin in one of the branches of the Narcyllian Order of Paladins, the branch being called 'The Knights of Jude'. Formerly garrisoned with them. Assigned to missionary work until further notice.
Blessed by His Holiness at his coming of age, after years of extensive training, and has been a paladin ever since. Took the job with the main reason of serving Sendainism and the minor reason of bringing honor to House Veitch.
Scott Veitch:
Sir Scott Veitch Humphrey_Conway_Dark
5'9, 182 lbs. (237 lbs. with full armor set worn)
Has a young, kind face and is rarely seen with a negative expression on it. Yet, he seems to harbor a posture which suggests an inexplicable immovability. Right arm looks considerably more toned than his left. Originally had a full head of light brown hair but all the use of holy magic nearly every day has given him a few streaks of white in his hair. When looking a you, it almost seems as if his calm, brown eyes simply know you; as if he can see straight into you.
Armor: Holds a glistening shine to it, seemingly no matter how dirty it gets. A few scratches and chips here-and-there from Scott not having time to have them repaired recently. His gear's gold and white or silver decorations hold inspiration to light and the sun in praise.


  • A war hammer - A popular weapon type among the ranks of paladins and one heavier than a typical two-handed sword, despite its design for single-handed use. Forged with blessed steel and, as a result, feels much lighter to a paladin than to a normal warrior of the same size-which often rekindle the popular false rumor that paladins are blessed with a fierce strength. Each paladin has a tradition of decorating their main weapon (most often war hammers but some are known to use other types of weapons) with scripture, from ancient texts, that have to do with personal life events and so Scott's weapon is lined with scripture as well.
  • Full plate armor - Nearly all paladins favor multirole-combat capability. They love to shoot from ranges and just as much to bash in doors. This means nearly all of them use a personal set of full plate armor, blessed by each paladin's hometown priest (this is more tradition than a rule and is occasionally overlooked) to protect against corruption from evil spirits and makes it nearly silent to the ears of anyone/anything with evil intent.
  • A heater shield - A simple heater-style shield to use with a paladin's main weapon. On the back of the shield, for Scott to read, is his branch of the order's creed: "May Sendain's will be done. May the darkness bow before its true lord. May I stand guard to make it when it refuses. Long live The Knights of Jude. Amen."
  • A crossbow - The biggest advantage a paladin has. While the weapon is currently banned by His Holiness for use against other followers of the Church of Sendain, he gives his blessing for usage by paladins due to their main existence being centered around the banishment of evil, and not any sort of country. The entire reason for its banishment is because of the fact that it is simple enough for a peasant to master it in two weeks-time, yet lethal enough to penetrate all but the sturdiest spots of plate armor of standard thickness.
  • A Pavise - A crossbowman's mobile cover. This shield is designed to provide the user with deployable protection against enemy fire while reloading. Paladins have been known to paint religious murals or texts across their shields for decoration (the message or picture can be seen once all pavises have been deployed in their assigned order). While Scott had done this in the past, he has sense repainted over it, as his bit of religious text made little sense by itself.

Sir Scott Veitch Humphrey_Conway_Pavise


  • Both weapons used by Scott are essentially knight-killers. Any thickly-armored enemies that stand against a paladin must face down this hazard.
  • Scott's pavise shield allows him to have a sort of mobile cover. While wearing it on his back, it makes any type of attack from behind relatively difficult to pull off, unless directed toward his legs.
  • Uses full plate armor with mail protecting any weak spots. This creates a high-degree of protection against anything except for well-placed piercing strikes and blunt weaponry.
  • Years of living and working with his order has given him a great head for tactics with a team. How this works out with others is obviously dependent on how team-oriented they are, unless Scott develops a tactic based around a prediction of allied movement.


  • Scott's crossbow has the same weakness as any crossbow. Each shot takes a particularly annoying amount of time to reload in comparison to any type of bow or sling. Thus, the reason for the pavise.
  • Even without the helmet, the pavise makes it impossible for Scott to see behind him without turning his entire body.
  • When not wearing the pavise, Scott's peripheral vision is heavily decreased by his style of helmet. As a result, he largely has to turn his head to see things beyond about 75 degrees left or right.
  • Despite the blessed material of the war hammer, the weapon still seems a bit heavier than your typical 3 or 4 lb. sword. Expect this to equate to somewhat slower swings than enemies with weapons of the like.
  • The clanking of plates and chains offer little ability to hide from normal enemies. Evil enemies, however, seem to hardly be able to hear the blessed armor at all.

Backstory: Scott comes from a modest background, being the son of a lumber mill owner, and knows the meaning of hard work as well as the value of it. House Veitch may not be a prominent family but anyone who knows them, knows they are a respectable group of people. Religiously devoted and owners of valiant, kind hearts. These traits are embodied in the family's crest and sigil (a proud stag). At the age of 12 (the normal age at which boys are accepted), Scott left home, accompanied only by his father to Allius, the capital city of Narcyllia, to join the paladins and all they stand for. There he said goodbye to his old life and was given a new one. Scott studied everything from religion, to holy power, to combat and tactics. He did everything one would do to become a knight, learning to master chivalry and even squiring for an established paladin as included in the process, for four years until his coming of age, the day at which he would be born again and 'knighted' by His Holiness. After six years with his order, Scott was assigned for a job to help protect a group of missionaries from any evil spirits or people who may want to harm them. During the job, Scott began to grow attached to the duties of a missionary and grew fond of spreading 'the good news'. While he left for home, he still felt wanting. He felt it was his calling to help spread his religion with others so that they too might experience the joys of Sendainism. These feelings drove him to request for more and more of the job that most paladins found to be boring and tedious. This constant distance caused Scott to grow further and further away from his brothers and Tenn Valnorr saw this. Instead of making him go back for normal duty however, he had something else in mind. He would give Scott the special privilege of being able to come and go from his order as he pleased as long as his main focus was spreading the word of the Church of Sendain. The paladin happily accepted and has been a nomadic paladin-missionary ever since that day, a year-and-a-half ago.


  • Scott is trained in various holy magic. While almost all he can do for races of light is heal and bless, any races of darkness or evil will suffer a huge disadvantage.
  • Each paladin is a trained exorcist and can call upon their religion to remove the likes of demons and evil spirits from those who are possessed by one.
  • A signature move of the paladins with their crossbows is replacing the standard bolt with a bolt of holy light. It does no damage to humans and can be lethal to creatures of dark. It does however, leave a glowing scar, which eventually dies down to a shiny silver, when shot through a human. If used on the possessed, it does come with risk of the demon or spirit's violent separation killing the host on the way out so it is not to be used upon possessed humans unless the situation is starting to truly look that hopeless.
  • Due to the use of such a large amount of holy magic, most of the eldest paladins (the ones too old to act as more than exorcists or provide guidance) have a full head of snow-white hair. Some have used enough in a short amount of time to have a few golden strands or streaks in their hair as well. This is usually the sign of how many great-even heroic-deeds they have performed.

Personality: Behaves very priestly. Most people that have any sort of extensive conversation with him see him the way they would see a father, a brother, or the most trustworthy friend they now have. Wise beyond his years. Modest, yet assertive, very much like his tactical combat style. Seems to harbor much more energy than he advertises but this only seems to become apparent during physical activity and especially during combat.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Scott, like all paladins, is a bit of a night owl due to his main enemies' stronger activity during this time. Expect him to stay up late, watching over his companions almost every night.
  • His lifestyle is incredibly healthy. Often working out; often waking up after only six or seven hours of sleep; often eating a well-balanced diet when he gets the chance.
  • The bottom of the crest of House Veitch reads "To dawn may we stride tall."
  • Scott's choice to enlist with the paladins is actually an act of incredible generosity toward his god, his family, and especially his younger brother. To give one's life to the paladins is to relinquish all family inheritance of property (they may have wives and children but they are housed within the paladin's order's housing area). This means, not only is he leaving his family to bring honor and recognition to his name, he is devoting himself to all followers of Sendainism and passing the property; the home; the mill-everything of most value to the family-to his younger brother and only sibling for when their father passes away. He does not talk about this though, and the only people who know about it are his family and anyone he told his past to that connected the dots of the fact that he relinquished his inheritance and has a younger brother...
  • Due to the fact that paladins relinquish any large family inheritance, they consequently are mainly made-up of men with older siblings.
  • Paladins may train in similar ways to knights, and are even knighted, but they are not considered official knights, due to their different terms of service and overall positions among military and cleric individuals. As a result, paladins can be walked on all over without any severe punishment. This is only exploited by true scum of the Earth though, as most knights even see paladins as their equals.
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Post by TheMootking on Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:26 am

A return of an old favourite! I like the detail you've put into his weapons and abilities, but the backstory is severely lacking. His homeland isn't even mentioned, nor any interests outside of his religion, his life as a child, his relationship with his younger brother, any missions he partook in as part of the Paladin Order other than the one with the missionaries. Try and work in some stories and anecdotes around the bullet points in your "miscellaneous notes". I'd like this backstory to be doubled, even tripled. I really liked Scott on the old forum, and I don't think 300 words do him justice at all. What about the battle of Hussfell Green, dude?! The battle is still canon!

There is one point I'm not sure about though, and that is his conversion to a missionary/paladin hybrid. While Tenn Valnorr may be the holy leader of a religion, he is still strict. He wouldn't simply say "Oh, go on then!" when somebody practically asked him to waste the training he'd given them. An alternative would be a recruiter for the order, rather than converting people to the religion he'd go around spreading word of the order and fighting in its name in order to inspire would-be Paladins to join up. Valnorr would DEFINITELY still want him to still be serving in a combat-oriented role.


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