Official Forum Rules and Regulations

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Official Forum Rules and Regulations

Post by TheMootking on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:45 pm

1. Consistency. Please make sure your Facets are relevant to their respective worlds. No knights running around The Academy or Cyborgs terrorizing the peasants of Faywyn, please!
2. Originality. All characters used on the forum must be your own creations; we do not allow the use of characters canon to other works.
3. Decency. We do not permit ERP (Erotic Role Play) on the public sectors of the forum. If you wish to conduct ERP, please "fade the scene to black" in the thread and continue in either private messages or through another method of communication.
4. Clarity. Upon creation of a thread, please tag it. This means either designating it an [Open] or [Private] thread, which will inform other users if they can join the thread or not.
5. Approval. Do not post in any of the roleplaying sections of the forum without having a Facet approved for that world by 2 of the 3 admins. The thread/post will be deleted immediately, with no regard to the amount of replies or interest.

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