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Post by TheMootking on Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:02 am

Struggling to come up with a facet to play? Never fear, The Mootking is here! Below you'll find a list of characters that we need in the forum. Those highlighted in bold are ones that are needed pretty badly in terms of plot (for example, the king of Faywyn), and will require contact with the roleplayer who came up with the original idea to confirm details of the character (although there will still be a lot of wiggle room to make the tailor the character to yourself - constraints will mostly be backstory or physical aspects). All others are just ones that could fit in anywhere.

Feel free to contact an admin if you wish to suggest additions to the list.


King Artein - the king of Faywyn. Contact The Mootking for plot details.
The Royal Family - Princess Susana & Lady Ciana . Contact The Mootking
Vjalldaskarians - Vikingesque brutes that live on the cold northern mountains
Mages - wielders of magic
Paladins - Holy warriors
Vash'qar - Ashadi mercenaries
Finderan - Peaceful neighbours ot Faywyn
Faywinians - Faywish people
Narcyllians - Religious crackpots

Residents of Toronto
Workers around Toronto
School Nurse
Daniel Tanaka - Contact Dentist Ryuu

Valiants - Superheroes being trained in combat for use in the field as keepers of the peace (mostly using combat-oriented powers)
Sentinels - Heroes with more "utility" powers that act as support, like healing or resistance to fire. Known only to them and their mentors, they are also being trained to counteract the Valiants should any of their number turn rogue.
Centurions - Kids with powers that are plucked from the crowd due to either past misdeeds or psychological profiling, deemed high-risk of turning to a life of super-powered crime. Watched closely and mentored by the academy.
Teachers (no superpowers)

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