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Post by Raiden on Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:02 pm

World CYBORG is a place that not even the Family dare venture into. It is universally regarded by the citizens of the Void as the absolute worst hellhole on the entire landmass, even worse than MURPHY - a place where things go wrong by design. Even while being unable to entirely grasp its existence, people from other worlds in the Void are inherently afraid of CYBORG, with those living in neighboring worlds often exhibiting an illogical fear of approaching its borders. Let's just say, their phobia isn't as illogical as they think.

The world, which is one of the largest ones in the Void, is nothing but a wasteland devastated by a nuclear Armageddon. The vast majority of it consists of a giant desert laying on top of what used to be a great civilization, with only the ruins that survived the nuclear blasts serving as stark reminders of days long gone. Large regions of the desert are completely inhospitable due to high levels of radiation, with very ill effects on those who stay there for a prolonged period of time, the least worst of which being death by cancer. Food is incredibly scarce, as the soil has been infertile for decades. In order to survive, most people are forced to unite into gangs that are constantly struggling for territories and the precious resources that lie within. Aside from fighting each other, the survivors also need to struggle with mutated animals that have grown several times their normal size and are also willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Another threat comes in the form of Ghouls - people who have spent too long in an irradiated zone, and as a result have been reduced to mindless husks that resort to cannibalism in order to survive.

But the thing you need to understand about world CYBORG is that all of that pales in comparison to the real threat - a threat that gave the world its very name.

The entire country is owned and governed by cyborgs - people whose brains and internal organs have been forcefully pulled out of their bodies and stuck into metal exoskeletons permanently. The cyborgs are under the direct control of Takeshi Tachibana, who regularly sends out whole squads of them with the sole purpose of tracking down survivors and either killing them or bringing them back to one of the numerous conversion facilities spread across the world. These cyborgs are stripped of their memories, minds, emotions and connection to their previous lives, instead reborn as Tachibana's perfect soldiers. They're nigh-indestructible, with even RPGs and high caliber bullets having little effect on them. The cyborgs don't need to eat or sleep (with all of their nutrients being artificially provided by their exoskeletons) and are immune to EMPs and diseases. And while their exoskeletons are typically enough to protect them from the radiation, sometimes they can get damaged and allow the insides to be flooded by it, turning the cyborgs into Cyber-Ghouls - the mindless killer instinct of a Ghoul inside the indestructible body of a cyborg.

Yeah, let's just say the world has seen better days.

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