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Eleanor Wilson:

Ellie Wilson wrote:World: PRIME
Name: Eleanor "Ellie" Wilson
Age: 11 (soon to turn 12)
Position: 5th Grade Student

Appearance: Ellie is of average height for her age, being about 150 cm tall (roughly 5'). She's rather skinny and underweight, being only 36 kilograms (80 pounds), as she doesn't really eat or exercise much. Despite her height, this gives her the appearance of someone who's a bit younger than she really is... And it also doesn't help that she loves wearing her blond hair in very child-like twin tails. Overall, she's not really making an effort to appear any older than she really is, and that can be easily seen in her style of clothing, which favors "cute" to "stylish" or "practical". Her most distinctive features are her big, gray/dark blue eyes, which, unlike most blind people's, often wander around playfully rather than remain still.

Ellie's Birth:
Ellie doesn't know anything about how she came to be - all she knows is that she went into foster care immediately after her birth. The reason she was never really given any information about her conception or parents was because she was created as part of an experiment conducted by a big laboratory. The study, which aimed to prove whether intelligence was genetic or environmental, would "create" two children via artificial insemination. One of them would develop from an egg extracted from a Mensa member mother (with an IQ of 167) inseminated by sperm from a member of the Prometheus Society (with an IQ of 192), and the inseminated egg would be placed into a surrogate mother. The other child would be created the same way, except with an egg and sperm from parents with below average intelligence who are still mentally sound and unaffected by conditions such as autism or Dawn syndrome. Following the birth, Child A would be denied any environmental stimuli such as books or educational TV shows, while Child B would be tutored constantly. The children would then need to do an IQ test every year until their 10th birthday, when the experiment would conclude and the results would be published. Both children were born on the same day - August 22nd 2003. Both were completely healthy girls. Fortunately, about six months after their birth, the media caught wind of the experiment and quite rightfully started an uproar, calling it "savage" and "inhuman" and comparing the chief scientists to Dr. Mengele. The scandal quickly grew out of proportion, causing the researchers to cancel everything in an attempt to salvage what little was left of their reputations and avoid any potential legal repercussions. And while there were plenty of people who wanted to adopt the children, most candidates were dismissed for one reason or another, while the rest simply lost interest or had adopted another child while the girls' paperwork was being processed. Sadly, at the end both of them went into the foster care system.

The name "Eleanor" was picked by her first foster mother, Mrs. Monroe - a kind lady in her mid 50s who had turned her house into a foster home after her own son had passed away. The little girl never really liked that name, not even as a baby - when she was only about 7-8 months old, she'd pout or even start crying when called "Eleanor", so Mrs. Monroe simply started calling her Ellie, which the little girl seemed to tolerate a lot better. Ellie wasn't the only child in the home - there were several other kids there, most around her age. As such, it quickly became apparent that she was different from other children. Before she turned one, Ellie already spoke in complete sentences. At 18 months, she had taught herself how to read and even read bedtime stories to the other kids, even though some were older than her. By age two, she was fully capable of solving math problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, for numbers up to 100. By age three, she was as intelligent and emotionally mature as a child three or four times her age. By all accounts, she was a genius... And yet Mrs. Monroe didn't quite know how to stimulate her vast intellect. For a while, the woman considered transferring Ellie to another home where she could receive more specialized help that would continue building her intelligence... And then the choice was made for her.

When Ellie was three years old, one of her friends began speaking about a "friend" who'd often talk to her while she was playing outside. Being young and naive, the little girl didn't think much of it - they all had a few friends, right? That all changed when one day she noticed her friend leaving the playground with a much older man that Ellie didn't recognize. Finding it very suspicious, she decided to confront them and stop them from leaving before Mrs. Monroe could okay it. Sadly, there was really only so much a three year old girl could do - while her friend was willing to go back to the foster home, the older man was having none of that. He grabbed the young girl in his arms and began running towards his car. Without thinking twice, Ellie gave chase, as much as she could. Despite her short height, Ellie still managed to reach them just as the man was trying to push the young girl into his car. The child struggled and cried, but it was of little use, as the predator was determined to take her. And he would've succeeded, if it wasn't for Ellie, who immediately attacked him, kicking him in the knees and biting him to make him let go. To get rid of his attacker, the man pulled out a baseball bat from the back seat of his car and struck Ellie in the back of her head with all his strength, completely shattering the backside of the three year old girl's skull. Thankfully, the commotion attracted the attention of other people, who quickly made sure that the other girl would go free and the perpetrator would be arrested, but it came too late.

Ellie was never expected to survive the attack. Her skull was so damaged that part of it had to be removed and replaced by a prosthetic, and even afterwards the girl was in a coma that the doctors were positive she wouldn't wake up from. Still, Mrs. Monroe refused to pull the plug, instead hoping and praying that things would miraculously get better. And they did - Ellie finally woke up after a three month coma, thus achieving the impossible. Upon her awakening, one of the doctors commented that the girl probably had a guardian angel, as the odds of her regaining consciousness at all were slim to none. But not all was well - the attack had destroyed the child's occipital lobe, which was the part of the brain that deciphered visual information from the eyes. Ellie was a hero - but she would be completely blind for the rest of her life, with no chance of recovery. The little girl had grown very dependent on her eyes for reading and learning, so the fact that this was suddenly taken away from her devastated her. Her recovery was long and painful, and Ellie spent then next year of her life in the hospital receiving constant scans and MRIs, which was a very traumatizing experience for someone whose hearing had suddenly sharpened (as MRIs are unbelievably loud and last for a very long time). On top of that, Ellie would undergo several surgeries throughout her life in order to replace the prosthetic in the back of her head with a bigger one.

When she was finally discharged, the little girl was eager to return back to Ms. Monroe's home and all her friends, but was told that she couldn't. Instead, she had to be transferred to a foster home on the other side of the country, one which hosted only children with no eyesight. There, Ellie learned the essentials of living a life without eyes - navigating her surroundings with a cane, reading braille and managing day-to-day tasks. Thankfully, it wasn't too hard for someone with her intelligence to adjust, and less than two years later Ellie had mastered life in darkness. When she was about five years old the girl began learning again, using the home's vast Braille library to educate herself. She picked up a third language (besides the English and French she already spoke fluently as a Canadian), which was Italian. She managed to learn the ins and outs of that language before her sixth birthday, even going as far as to specifically request books in Italian so that she could increase her dictionary. At six and a half she was already fluent and had picked up Japanese, almost on a dare. That's when the foster mother realized that perhaps she was holding the little girl back. Soon afterwards, it was decided that Ellie would be transferred to another home where her intellect would be allowed to flourish. For the second time in her life, she was forced to say goodbye to all her friends.

The third foster home she was in wasn't for disabled children, quite the opposite - while it didn't really "specialize" in gifted children, a lot of them tended to be sent there, as both foster parents were MIT graduates who would be able to intellectually stimulate them. There, Ellie quickly learned that "intellectually superior" in the real world translated to "arrogant and cruel", which seemed to describe most of the other children quite well. She was often bullied because of her blindness, especially after her foster siblings learned that she was more intelligent than them. The little girl was regularly subjected to cruel pranks, with the other kids dropping nasty things into her food, stealing her cane and one time even slipping a live rat into her bed as she slept - an event that forever left her with a phobia of rats, mice and other small animals. As a result, Ellie would fall into a pretty deep depression, refusing to socialize or even feed. Her only comfort were the books that she received from her previous foster home every month. Thanks to them, she managed to perfect her Japanese (though unlike with her other languages she never learned how to spell Japanese letters without braille, and thus wouldn't be able to read them even if she could feel them). Finally realizing that this place probably wasn't right for her, social services soon moved Ellie to another foster home - her fourth one. By that point, the little girl had grown used to starting over regularly.

For her next home, Ellie decided to shake things up a bit. Rather than take pride in her intellect, instead she'd try to hide it. Rather than explain that she read books such as Divine Comedy in Italian, she'd just say that she read young adult novels. She'd bottle up all her feelings, her sorrow, her loneliness and her pain, and then she'd stick them in the deepest part of her soul where they'd never be found again. The Ellie that stepped through the doors of the fourth foster home was a completely new girl. She was dumb, loud, social and fun-loving - the exact opposite of her past self. Right from the start, she made it quite clear that little things such as her lack of vision would never hold her back. And it worked - the kids accepted her with open arms, often letting her join in on their shenanigans. Soon afterwards she started school as a first grader and deliberately scored less on tests that she could easily ace. She was a solid B+ student, and proud of it! But sadly, that, too, had to come to an end. After 4 years in the foster home - the longest she'd ever spent at one place - Ellie was contacted by a newly founded school known as Tachibana Academy - a prestigious school for disabled children. Despite her moderate success at school, an Academy representative said that they saw potential in her, and as a result would be willing to arrange for her to enroll in the Academy on a social scholarship, considering the fact that she was an orphan. The only catch was that she had to move out and live in the Academy's dorms. At first, Ellie was completely against the idea of leaving her friends behind, but was soon convinced to give this new school a shot - if she didn't like it, she could always come back to the foster home. Left with little choice, the 11 year old girl accepted and, for the fourth time in her life, left everything and everyone behind to start fresh.

Personality: On the surface, Ellie seems very cheerful, carefree and, frankly, weird. She's loud, has a bit of a motor mouth and can even be considered obnoxious. The young girl always says what's on her mind, no matter how weird or out there it is, and she doesn't even make an attempt to hide her love for sheer, unregulated fun. She's quite social, always looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know them. In simple terms, Ellie can very easily be described as the class clown who's never too afraid of making a joke or being the butt of one. There's also the fact that she has recently entered puberty, which brings a whole new type of crazy to the table - the boy crazy. Whenever she meets a boy she finds to be cute, Ellie will not even attempt to hide her attraction, and the cuter the boy is, the more progressively disturbing her stalking tendencies get. In a nutshell, she's weird, fun-loving and there's never a boring moment with her.

Below the surface, though, things aren't as simple. Ellie suffers from chronic depression - she has ever since she lost her eyesight. The depression is untreated and unmedicated, and is only getting worse. Despite how many friends she makes at school, the young girl feels completely and utterly alone, and it doesn't help at all that she believes her friends only like the fun side of her. Emotionally, she's mature way beyond her years, and this serves to further distance her from her peers. The more she continues with her charade, the worse her emotional state becomes. At age 11, she often can't fall asleep unless a solid few minutes of crying tires her out first. She's also found it harder and harder to find things to be happy about - to find real joy, not just one she simulates for her friends. If this keeps going, things can only end one way.


Wade Wilson:

MegaChess-a-Tron wrote:World: POWERS
Name: Wade Wilson Jr.
Age: 15
Position: Overseer of the Centurions
Appearance: Wade is a rather good-looking young man. While not exactly traditionally "macho", his blue-eyed, cleanly shaven face is undeniably handsome, and his physique is lean and athletic - the result of years of training and physical activity. It's true that he doesn't exactly look like a bodybuilder, but that usually doesn't stop girls from wanting to be with him and guys from wanting to be him, at least in terms of appearance. While he does have several small scars on his body, all of them can be concealed under clothing. His hair is well-kept, short and tidy, and his clothes are practical and easy to perform various physical activities in.

Backstory: Wade's family has a rather peculiar history. His father was a soldier serving under the Canadian Army, and his mother was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. While the Army and the Air Force generally had little to no contact, the two of them met during a joint military exercise in the late 1970s and hit it off pretty quickly, discovering that they were the only people they knew who were into comic books. At their dates, they spent many hours talking about the night Gwen Stacy died, Green Arrow catching his sidekick Speedy doing drugs and Wolverine's fight against the Hulk. They just couldn't get enough of each other! There was also the fact that he was good-looking and disciplined, and she was an amazing pilot and an even better cook (as they say, the path to a man's heart is through his stomach), so in 1980 they decided to get married. Only two years later, their first child was born - a daughter they decided to name Angela. They loved her to bits, pampering her and spoiling her rotten. She was their little princess, and she acted like one. Little Angela never took no for an answer, always had to have it her way even when it wasn't rational. She demanded the most expensive clothes, the most high-quality make-up, even her underwear was priced in triple digits. She truly was their little angel, in every sense of the word.

Unfortunately, things were too good to last. In 1997, Angela's father was shot in the leg during an operation, forever ruining his career as a soldier and cutting off almost half of the family's income. While the Canadian government did pay welfare to the veteran, it wasn't nearly enough to support the family, and he also couldn't get a job because he lacked college education and his injury prevented him from doing any hard labor, at least not until it healed completely, which was going to take years. While they weren't exactly going in the red, they needed to cut down on the excessive spending. Angela wouldn't have it, though. She'd grown quite comfortable with her posh life and wanted nothing else but to continue living like a princess. And when her family couldn't afford it, she simply found herself someone who could. At fifteen, she started a relationship with an American businessman temporarily residing in Canada, and when it was time for him to return to the States she decided to go with him. Her parents failed to stop her, and that would be the last time they ever saw her.

Two years later, in 1999, her mother found out that she was missing her period. Soon enough, her fears were confirmed - she'd accidentally gotten pregnant with a second child, which neither parent wanted, as they were devastated by how their first one had turned out. But they ultimately decided to keep the baby, seeing it as a second chance to raise a child right. That child was Wade, who was born on January 1st, 2000 - a millennial baby. Ever since his early childhood he was taught discipline - he was never given anything unless he earned it. Praise by the kindergarten teacher gave him sweets. Overcoming his fears, such as the one from the dark, got him presents. When he was acting out, things were taken away, and absolutely no compromises were made. By the time he was four, while his snotty peers were crying and pulling at their mothers' skirts, Wade was taught to behave and be almost entirely self-sufficient, as much as that was possible for a child his age. But then things took a sharp turn sideways.

In 2004, Wade Sr. received a call from Angela - the first one since she ran off. Angela apologized for everything, saying that she'd made the biggest mistake of her life and that she just wanted to get home, but had a debt to pay to a mobster who'd kill her if she didn't. Her father immediately offered to wire her some money, but she refused, begging him to come give them to her in person. Despite the fact that the Wilsons had disowned their daughter to he point where Wade didn't even know she existed, her father agreed to take a plane to the US and pick her up, bringing the cash with him. When he got to the place she'd specified, though (which was a cheap motel room), he found something horrifying - his daughter's body. But she hadn't been killed, at least not by some loan shark. She'd died from complications after giving birth all on her own. The man quickly figured out that Angela, unable to look at her parents in the eyes, orchestrated this scheme in order to make sure her baby could have a good life, possibly intending to get away and leave the child for her father to find before succumbing to internal bleeding. After contacting the police and settling the story with the authorities, the father went back home to Canada and introduced Wade to his niece Elena... And also to his late sister.

As the children grew up, it became clear that both of them were quite intelligent, but in very different ways. Wade wasn't school-smart - his grades were always a little bit below average in most subjects (with only a few that were interesting to him, such as history, getting higher marks), but on the other hand he had a knack for practical knowledge. In other words, if asked what the square root of a number was, he probably wouldn't be able to respond, but if asked what shape a three-dimensional figure would have if unfolded, he'd answer immediately. On the other hand, Elena was a sponge for knowledge, even as a little kid. She quickly learned and mastered all kinds of skills almost effortlessly, being able to beat her father at chess when she was only three years old. While Wade was a pretty remarkable kid himself, he was absolutely overshadowed by his little niece in practically every way.

In 2006, Wade's father finally found employment again when he became one of the founding members of CANSOFCOM (Canadian Special Operations Forces Command) when it was founded in 2006, joining them as a drill sergeant meant to keep the (already rather elite) spec ops soldiers into shape in between assignments. Using his newly acquired skills, in 2008 he began training Wade as well, deeming him old enough to be physically fit and know how to defend himself. That's when the boy's true talent began to shine. At school, he was a relatively unremarkable kid in both grades and physical exercises, but at home, under the tutorship of his father, he found himself running distances that would've given an adult a heart attack and lifting weights that would have been impossible for an eight year old, even going as far as to dislocate his shoulder once when attempting to lift his father's car out of some mud it was stuck in (though he still managed to do it). It quickly became the norm within the family that Ellie was the one with the brains and Wade was the one with the brawn. The children often shared their knowledge - Wade showed his niece how to fight and she taught him observational skills, how to truly "see" and make quick deductions based on what he saw.

Under the guidance of his father, Wade quickly grew into a rather confident young man. Sure, he wasn't the kid with the best grades around, but his newly discovered skills allowed him to do better than ever at sports, joining the school's soccer team and quickly becoming the star athlete. This, alongside his good looks, quickly earned him popularity and fangirls - what else could a 10 year old want? While up until that point he'd been perfectly self-sufficient, standing by himself in school with nothing but the occasional comic book, once his sports career really shot off Wade began turning into a bit of a jock. He never really bullied anyone, but he did begin hanging out with the popular kids and dismissed the "nerds" - despite the fact that he'd been part of them until very recently. Everyone wanted to be friends with Wade, to the point where he got invited to at least one birthday party every week. He quite enjoyed his fame, as any kid would, but still realized perfectly well that if it wasn't for his sports skills and his good looks he wouldn't have been nearly as liked. Still, he didn't mind that, and decided to ride the wave for as long as it lasts... Which wasn't very long.

In 2012, 8 year old Ellie never came back from school. According to the teachers, she simply never showed up for her last two classes, not giving anyone - be it friend or teacher - an explanation about where she went. The security cameras showed her leaving the school alone, but the trail got cold pretty quickly. A nation-wide alert was raised for the young girl, with news outlets showing her picture every day. Her grandparents used their connections in the military to get their support in the search, but it was useless. Her newly bought computer was also searched for chatlogs and any other clues that could point to a perpetrator or her location, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It was as if the eight year old girl had just vanished from the face of the Earth. This event completely shattered the Wilsons. While Wade was never really that close with his niece, her sudden and unexplained absence, and the knowledge that she was probably either dead or as good as dead, tore him apart. A month later, the alert and the searches were called off, and Elena Wilson was pronounced legally dead. Less than a year later, Wade's parents got a divorce, with Wade choosing to live with his father in order to continue his training, feeling that now he needed it more than ever.

His niece's disappearance brought out certain emotions in the young boy that he never knew were there - sorrow, grief and also unbelievable rage. The thirteen year old boy, who by that point had quit the soccer team, would often feel strong fits of anger, which he satisfied by sneaking out of his house late at night and picking fights with random teenagers, which he then beat to a pulp. Thanks to his fast metabolism, what few bruises and injuries he sustained during those fights disappeared by the morning, meaning that his father never even found out about it. Those fights taught him what his military dad never could - how to fight dirty, and how to truly exploit the weaknesses of the human body in order to win at any cost.  During the day, Wade would revert back to his quiet, withdrawn persona from his childhood, and during the night (not every night, but at least 2-3 nights a week) he'd go out to fight with whoever was around, often using his observational skills in order to provoke random strangers into attacking him by telling them just the wrong things. This continued for about two years, until Wade's Fight Club adventures finally led to their climax, and the teen he had angered turned out to be a metahuman with "firework" powers (the ability to shoot colorful beams that had roughly the impact of a real firework, with some resulting in a very real explosion).

Their fight was branded by the colorful lights of his opponent, attracting dozens of onlookers, most of which recorded it on their phones. The lightshow lasted for about 15 minutes, forcing Wade to stay on his toes and use literally every trick in the book in order to win. He used his environment to his advantage, lured the opponent around, and eventually managed to land the blow that knocked Mr. Firework out, ending the fight. Soon afterwards, both of them, especially Wade, turned into online celebrities, adored by a public that had recently become fascinated with superpowers, but also scared of them and in need of reassurance that ordinary people could still hold their own against a potential metahuman threat. While Wade was, in fact, a metahuman, there was no way to really know that from the video, and his feats were seen as a symbol of the ordinary man's fight against the metahuman. Unbeknownst to him, the clip was also seen by Kuriko Hatsuhara, who would become the principal of the Tyler Jacobson Academy for superpowered individuals. Seeing a (seemingly) ordinary person defeat a meta with flashy powers in a fair light was what gave her the idea for the Sentinel program - using non-powered (or pragmatically powered) people against metahuman threats. As soon as the academy opened its doors, both Wade and Mr. Firework received orders to join it.

In all honesty, Wade felt kind of reluctant to join at first. His self-confidence all but gone in the years following the disappearance of his niece, the young man thought he wasn't really good enough to be a part of a school full of extraordinary people... But then again, it wasn't exactly an invitation. Upon joining, Wade was made part of the Seninels, where he quickly proved his prowess as a hand to hand combatant, and his pragmatic and observational skills came into great use. He wasn't exactly the greatest soldier of the 21st century, but thanks to his training, his discipline and natural leadership skills were way beyond those of his peers. But while the Sentinels appeared to be coming along just fine, the Centurions weren't doing so hot. They lacked any sort of self-restraint or order, making conducting classes almost impossible. To deal with these issues, Ms. Hatsuhara decided to reassign Wade from the Sentinels to the Centurions, making him an Overseer - a prefect, of sorts. That way, he could inspire some discipline among the Centurions without wasting his time learning skills he already had. And that's where his story truly begins.

Powers: Wade's primary powers are an increased strength, agility, stamina and reflexes. His body has reached and even in some areas exceeded the natural human limit when it comes to physical capabilities. He can run 100 meters in about 10 seconds, can catch an arrow show at him from mid-air and can really lift about as much as his bones can handle before breaking (about 300 kilograms with both arms, and while he can lift more, he does so at risk to his body). Overall, while he doesn't have any extraordinary abilities, his body is naturally at the peak of physical perfection, allowing him to perform feats that would've taken ordinary people a lifetime to master. As a direct result of his agility and stamina, his metabolism is also greatly increased, allowing him to heal about two or three times more quickly than average, though it's very important to note that his healing factor can't heal fatal wounds or perform miracles such as reattach severed limbs or readjust bones. His metabolism requires a lot of food at frequent intervals in order to sustain itself, and if Wade goes for a while without eating he begins to get tired. In addition to his metahuman abilities, Wade has also learned several skills. One of them is the power of observation - he's got a near-Sherlockian level of observation that allows him to deduce multiple things about his opponent at a glance, including, but not limited to, strengths, weaknesses, old wounds, elements of their backstory, etc. Of course, he's not a mind reader, so he can only really guess things that his opponent makes obvious (even in some small way) through their appearance and words. Wade is also an expert hand-to-hand fighter - a skill greatly enhanced by his naturally increased agility and reflexes. While he hasn't been trained in any particular martial art, chances are that in a close quarters fight, even against multiple opponents armed with close-range weapons, he'll ultimately come out on top. His biggest weakness is that, biologically speaking, he's still human, and is thus vulnerable to everything that humans are (while some other metas have certain immunities). As such, a metahuman opponent would have an advantage over him and require Wade to think outside the box in order to defeat them.

Personality: If one had to describe Wade with one word, the ideal one would be "soldier". He's highly disciplined, valorous, dauntless and always willing to do whatever it takes to protect those less privileged than him. He's an excellent leader who always knows how to motivate his team, keep them together and lead them in a way that utilizes their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses. He's as straight as an arrow can be, perfectly willing to give his life if it means he can save other people's. While he doesn't believe in loyalty to his country, his school or anything subjective like that, he's certainly very loyal to the people he trusts and would never, ever betray their trust. On a more personal level, Wade tends to be rather humorless, believing that maintaining his image as someone that the Centurions can look up to is impossible if he shows any sign of possessing a fun side. That doesn't really win him any points on the friendship meter, though, as most students view him as more of a leader/teacher than one of their peers despite the fact that he is only 15. As a result, Wade mostly lives a life of solitude without anyone he can really call a friend in the true sense of the world. Ironically, while there's plenty of people he'd lay down his life for, there aren't an awful lot that would invite him out for a beer. Ironically, deep beneath the surface, Wade is actually a really fun guy with an impeccable sense of humor, but he believes that this quality of his is undesirable considering his role within the school, so he often keeps it suppressed. Whenever he goes into a situation, his first instinct is to ask himself "What would Superman or Captain America do?" and go with that.

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