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Shane Mcloud:

Name: Shane Mcloud
Age: 16
Position: Student 10th year
Appearance: Skeleton would be a kind description for Shane. With a height of 5'10 and a weight of 104, there wasn't much of him to show. When revealed he showed long limbs, pale skin, a babyish face, messy red hair, and green eyes with constant bags under them. Though it wasn't typically revealed as the constant cold he felt had him wearing a thick rough black jacket with several pockets along with an odd hat, such as a deer stalker cap, depending on the day. His prosthetic is a bit easy to notice due to it having a jade color and replacing half his right leg.


Shane lived a plain life in the beginning, to well put it plainly. He was born in a small Californian town, to a silver tongued salesmen Irish dad who had recently moved to said Californian town and younger than most American mother who had lived there her entire life. His mom had had previous relations before meeting his Father, the result of which being a decade older sister named Valerie.

Home life was sort of rough but by no means terrible, his parents had constant arguments over a variety subjects, himself being one they attempted to keep quiet about. Shane didn't complain though merely kept quiet, nodded, and smiled, though always preferred laughing thanks to his sister who kept his best interests at heart. She attempted to gently coax into socializing and though his first friend was a decade older than him, like her, he didn't mind.

Soon though School had become the presiding issue for him. He was a year older than most students, having a birthday two days before the end of the year did that, and was still shy having basically spoken to only four people for most of his years on Earth. The first two years of it he was awkward socially, but a natural academically, not really finding a need to study and only having trouble with the projects he'd naturally procrastinate on. A habit he has yet to naturally outgrow. During his third year though, with some encouragement from Val, he sort of awkwardly pushed himself into a group of kids and was soon telling jokes as if he had known them from year one.

This natural coming out of his shell was not to last sadly, as that same year his parents had enough of their arguments and divorced. The calm attempts to convince him the he and Val had nothing to do with it fell on deaf ears and shrugging shoulders sadly. Shane became quiet again as he went back to only talking to his sister and nodding or shrugging to parents. It was around this time that he developed his worst trait, indecisiveness, as he always felt having to choose between the two parents would ruin the other. Despite these pains he was thankful he could stay with his sister who had moved out around the same time as the divorce, it gave him a place besides school to not think about it. It had truly helped and in his sixth year he was back to telling jokes and bouncing around the place at school, but still diving into video games and shrugging while at either of his homes. Sadly it was not meant to last.

To celebrate his fourteenth birthday he chose to spend it with his sister instead of either of his parents, a fact they accepted as they always knew his disposition on decision making. His sister chose to take him on a trip to Vegas and it was a blast for the pair of siblings. they had tickets to a comedian act but that was only enough to fill one night. The rest were filled with him exploring the floros with her and sneaking the occasional coin into a slot machine before any employees noticed. Both of them were exhausted on their way back, but that didn't stop non-stop discussions about the show they had seen or they money had the loss. It unfortunately didn't stop the car crashing into the side before Shane lost coconsciousness.

When he came to, it was in a hospital bed with his father on one side and mother on the other. It was honestly sad how he immediately felt the room was wrong due to the fact they were both in it at the same time. Questions slowly filled his mind before being wiped clean by the fact that he could only feel his left leg, and glanced down the bed to see only one foot slowly wiggles. He couldn't remember much of their explanation, only something about the bone being too messed up or metal getting, all that had mattered to him was that he was now one leg down. He had quietly asked about Valerie and his reaction to news that a leg was not all he had loss, was surprising to say the least. A nod, a quiet "everyone dies at some point", and a shrug. He glanced out the window as if to signal that conversations end and a doctor came in to help that point and replace the emotional talk with technical jargon about how he'd have to go through some exercises and more than a few hoops to walk or he could stay confined to a wheel. He chose walking, he didn't know why then just felt it right, and after confirming promptly passed out as exhaustion overtook him. It was a week later, during one night he was nervous about getting fitted for a prosthetic and instinctually reached for his phone to call Valerie. Patting the side that usually had his pocket which held his phone, and the lack of said, made the reality of what both those losses meant and he could not stop crying that night until he had slept with dry red eyes that were only a few shades lighter than his hair. When he woke up though, he shook his head and whacked himself once, knowing Val wouldn't have wanted him to be so sad about this and instead live and with that bit of stubbornness he learned from her, he went through the rehabilitation with little complaint. Throughout the months he had attempted to get to know some of the other patients going through the same exercises and told some of the jokes his sister told him. Apparently they thought he was hilarious and so he stuck with making whatever jokes he could attempt. He occasionally did skits and silly puns for the younger single digit patients while the ones around his age and older were told the jokes his dad would occasionally tell clients. He had once again learned the comforts of being social and was happy to hear others laugh, now knowing why his sister told so many stupid and silly jokes even if he barely laughed. Nearing his final months of rehabilitation he overheard talk about Tachibana and it sounded appealing, or at least like something Val would've recommended since it'd get him out of either house and was kind of revered. It took some convincing on his part, and the promise he could handle being in a dorm by himself in Toronto, but he was able to get his parents to agree. And that was how he ended up in Canada with bags that probably had twice as much comics and the like then clothes.

Personality: Comedian and geek are two terms that very accurately describe Shane. Usually quiet and one of few words, he'll occasionally pick someone open up to and make jokes or references with. His humor and references are without borders and it's on purpose, he's still socially awkward and wants to confirm what's on and off limits, he'll even make a pirate joke about himself in an attempt to see if that's okay. Once he's confirmed what's best, he'll stick to that mask with that friend and keep it up until they're comfortable enough to handle the rest of himself. Be warned, once he's confirmed he'll make puns and jokes all day long, especially if he gets a laugh all because his sister once said "if you get one laugh or smile then that joke was worth it". Self deprecating and puns are unfortunately a personal preference for him.
He does not handle stress well at all, and will easily panic because of tests and procrastinated projects. Though the worst is the future as he still has no clue where it's going and will do everything in his power to steer the subject towards games or puns so he can relax. He handles his condition surprisingly well, even the common stumble or trip doesn't deter him, usually causes him to say he's still less clumsy than before he had it. Though bringing up how it happened dampens his personality slightly, the details are only noticeable by someone who knows him but it's there. And he'll have his off days where he'll go back to how he was just because he's tired or due to him thinking about the past.
Shane also states repeatedly an addiction to caffeine in the forms of soda and tea, as well as an addiction to gambling despite his consistent losing streak with it.

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