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Mari Dawn:

World: PRIME

Name: Mari (or Mariana) Dawn

Age: 16

Position: Student, Grade 10

https://i.servimg.com/u/f68/19/36/95/87/mari_d12.jpg (Image is not mine)

Appearance: Mari- Mari has long golden blonde hair that is usually left in a loose braid. She has very pale skin; almost snow white. Mari hardly ever smiles, or has other expression. Mari has Heterochromia Iridium, or a condition where her eyes are different colors. Although this condition doesn't affect her in any way, she is very self-conscious of it. So she covers up her green eye with an eye-patch and makes the excuse of it being weaker than the other. One of her eyes is green (right; covered by eye-patch) and the other is blue (left); there is also a small scar on her green eye that she likes to cover up to prevent questions. Mari is a bit shorter than average, about 60 inches. She is also very thin, being about 100 pounds. She has a very delicate figure, at times almost seeming like a doll. Mari always wears black clothing, which a lot of the time are frilly dresses or blouses with skirts. This makes Mari seem even more like a delicate doll.
Mariana- Unlike Mari, Marianas appearance seems to be more strong and firm; even though they share the same body. Her face is always covered with a sly and mischievous smile. Mariana has long golden blonde hair that is always left down. Opposite of Mari, Marianas blue eye is covered by an eye-patch. This is because Mariana believes that her green eye looks more intimidating than Mari's soft blue colored eye. So she switches it once she takes over Mari's body Because Mariana body shape is the same as Mari's, she is usually seen (because of her personality) as a sinister doll instead of a delicate one. Mariana wears the same clothing as Mari, but it usually ends up getting covered in rips or blood.

Backstory: Mari was born into a moderately rich family in England, even though her parents were Norwegian and Swedish. Since birth, she had been raised from several maids and butlers instead of her parents. These servants never grew close to Mari because of an order by her parents, saying that they would lose their jobs if they got too comfortable around their child. Even though they had no interest in wanting to raise her, their pride didn't allow for anyone to get closer to Mari than the two of them. This made Mari become lonely and feel extremely neglected. As a small child, Mari spent most of her day inside her room reading books about magic, mythology, and fantasy worlds. She chose these books out of the others because of the trapped and weighed down feeling that was always inside her. Mari always wanted to get away from her personal cage. During the times that Mari was out of her room, she was either going to the bathroom or eating. In which case, she would do it alone; after her parents were done. Because of all of this, Mari never saw her parents once. She became so lonely that she started to become so depressed that she would stare at her ceiling for hours. As a result of her depression and neglect, Mari started to develop Dissociative Identity Disorder; although it was not very obvious. The only things that were noticed by the families servants were mild cases of Mari talking back or rolling her eyes. But it soon got worse. Mari had always been tutored until she was 6. At that time, her parents decided that the money spent on a tutor was not worth it, as their child never learned anything useful; the type of books she read destroyed her sense of knowledge and truth. Mari then spent even more time alone. It pained her to read about children happily playing together or even saying hello to each other, as she did not have that.

Soon Mari started to go to a normal school, this was because her parents knew that unless they sent her to get an education, she would continue to live off of their money. Mari loved school. She never spoke up in class very often, but just being surrounded by children her age filled Mari with joy. It was not the same for the other students, though. They hated being stared at by a strange girl who never spoke. More than that, Mari was different from the other children. She had two different colored eyes, and was often complimented for it by the teachers. The teachers also loved the fact that Mari was a very mature and responsible child who put others before herself. But the children did not like the idea of Mari being "special". They felt as if Mari got all of the love from the teachers. The children became so hateful toward Mari that one day they tricked Mari into meeting them at recess. They told Mari how mean she was being, taking the spot light away from them. The children wanted Mari's praised eye to go away, so one of the kids took a branch off of a nearby tree and scratched her eye. This left a huge scar on Mari's right eye. The betrayal, rejection, and neglect that had always stayed hidden in Mari's body finally came out. After her eye was hurt, she grabbed the branch from the child and started to beat him with it. The teachers came over quickly and teared Mari away from the blooded and bruised child. The teachers ask her why she was doing such a horrible thing. "Oh miss, Mari would never do something like this. But I certainly would." Mari had replied with a smirk, or rather, Mariana.

Mari was then expelled. She no longer went to school or was taught anything at home. Mari was locked in her room meals were slipped through a hole in the door and she had to beg her way to be able to go to the bathroom. The first week or so Mariana would scream, scratch, and kick the door from where she was locked. But eventually, she realized that it was no use. Mariana stopped showing her presence. Mari continued to read books of far away places, though. She dreamed of leaving even more than before. Mari didn't remember what had happened. She didn't remember what she had done to the child at all. This made Mari's being locked in her room even more painful. She was punished for, in her mind, something she hadn't done. Mari started to skip meals and stopped reading books. She then spent most of her days laying on the floor looking out the window, sleeping, or cutting and ripping things up. Eventually, the servants noticed that Mari wasn't eating her meals. The servants spoke to Mari's parents, and eventually they convinced her parents to get her a doctor. Her parents believed that their friends and other higher-ups would look down on them for not doing anything about their dying child. Of course, the two did not actually care about their daughters health. They needed to keep their reputation up.

Mari was taken to a doctor and was given medicine for her weak body. She was also forced to get a psychiatrist to help her depression. This was very upsetting to Mari's parents, as the psychiatrist would find out about their neglect. But Mari's doctor knew that her condition would not get better unless she was talked to. If Mari's parents refused to get her help, they would also be looked down on. So Mari was taken to the psychiatrist. She told them about how she was locked up and eventually gave up on her entire life. She was then asked about the day that she got the scar on her eye. Mari was confused and didn't know how to answer. But the psychiatrist was persistent and kept asking questions. Mari grew very upset; she had no idea how to answer their questions. She became annoyed with the psychiatrist and Mariana arrived. Mariana yelled at the psychiatrist, threatening to hurt her. When this happened, Mari's psychiatrist talked to her parents about a history of mental disorder in Mari's family. The two didn't want to admit it, as their child would be "abnormal" if they confirmed her suspicions. But they eventually they admitted to both families having cases of mental disorders. and then Mari was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Mari's parents were arrested for child neglect and abuse. Mari became the adopted daughter of her aunt on her mom's side. But Mari did not want to live with her aunt, even though she was her "daughter" now. Mari's aunt was someone else to judge and push her to the side like her parents. Mari's psychiatrist knew that she would be uncomfortable in a place so similar to her old home, so she recommended that Mari go to the highly acclaimed Tachibana Academy because of her disorder. She would be able to receive a real education as well as live on campus with people like her, instead of living around people who don't understand her. Mari's psychiatrist contacted the school and managed to get her in, claiming to have "connections". Mari did not like the idea of meeting new people and having to struggle with learning at such a prestigious school. But she had one where else she was comfortable to go...

Personality: Mari- Mari is a very quiet person who wears a strangely blank expression. She enjoys talking to herself about her day and many other things. Mari is a very independent and distant person, but she is very kind on the inside. Mari loves making people happy. She watches everything from the shadows and helps anyone in anyway she can. Mari doesn't like seeing other people sad. She would much rather have to drown in sadness herself than push it on others. Mari also loves cats. Anytime she sees one, she makes sure it is as happy as can be. Because of her love for cats, Mari also seems to convince even the most fierce cats to like her. Although Mari doesn't like to be the center of attention, she enjoys being spoken to. Even though she doesn't use many words. Mari hates the dark, but loves it at the same time. She finds it very calm and comforting, but also scary. Overall, Mari is a kind, but distant person who enjoys making people happy.
Mariana- Mariana is a cunning and mischievous person who isn't afraid to speak her mind and beat up a few people along the way. She enjoys to make people uncomfortable and scared. This often creates bad situations for Mari. Mariana doesn't like being bothered or questioned by anyone. If someone were to approach her, she usually ends up beating them up. She loves dogs and enjoys making them her servants when she terrorizes people. Mariana hates dealing with feelings other than anger and pain. So if she ever feel sad for any reason, she pushes it onto others by hurting or guilt tripping them. Mariana also likes to rip and break things as she pleases. Overall, Mariana is the complete opposite of Mari. A girl who enjoys making others miserable and hates being happy.

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