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Post by TheMootking on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:34 pm

When creating a new facet, make sure you follow this template. Make sure to remove the descriptions and replace them with your own original text.


[b]World:[/b]Specify which world this facet will be in. For example, World PRIME or World FAYWYN.
[b]Name:[/b] The name your facet will go by. Full names (even if they are secret) as well as nicknames.
[b]Age:[/b] The age of your character. Make sure it is appropriate for the setting; e.g. a student at The Academy should be between 6 and 18.
[b]Position:[/b] The occupation of your character, for example student or soldier. Please include relevant information such as their grade or which army they are in.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Give a detailed and accurate description of the facets physical appearance, other roleplayers will be using this section frequently and it is vital! Include hair style/colour, ethnicity, build, eye colour and whatever else you can think of.
[b]Backstory:[/b] How did this facet come to be where it is in life? Give an accurate and detailed backstory. If you wish to hide the backstory from other roleplayers, hide it within spoiler tags.
[b]Powers:[/b] This section will generally be reserved for Facets within World POWERS. Detail their power here in full. If it isn't here, they can't do it in action. This can also be used by characters in The Void, but please make sure they make sense.
[b]Personality:[/b] How does your facet act? Explain how different situations would effect them.

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